Full Spring Ahead

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer, I’ve been in a funk all day long, gorging myself on brownie bites topped with over-sized dollops of Jiffy peanut butter. Does it get any better than comfort food? Daylight savings time always messes with me because that whole getting up an hour earlier is bad for my psyche. As is all the crap that continues at … Read More

A Wringer of a Week

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Happy Sunday-Monday, Journeyer! Well what can I say but it’s been another interesting week, with a few dilemmas that left me feeling like I was put through the proverbial wringer… You know those expressions…”When it rains it pours…” And so it continues… Warren and I spent several evenings correcting errors in our year-end tax documents… I’ve been fighting off some kind … Read More

The Intersection of Gender with Jaden Smith, Louis Vuitton, and Two Men Named Bruce Weber

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Earlier this week I read Amazing Women Rock’s social media share about Jaden Smith modeling Louis Vuitton Womenswear. Many of the comments were disheartening and some were downright disturbing. The one that made the most sense to me came from AMR: “Plenty of women have dressed in men’s clothing over the decades…” The truth is that it has been going … Read More


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This Monday morning I come to you weary from a lack of sleep due to a cold that just won’t let go. Even so, I come to you with a happy heart. Warren was gone again this weekend, which left my trusty Pooch, Patches, and I to our own devices once again. Know what we did, Journeyer? I sorted all … Read More


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Happy Sunday-Monday, Journeyer, I hope today’s post finds you well and warm, and if not, that it finds you mending… Yesterday morning I had an overwhelming urge to sweep my floors and to catch up on the laundry. For those of you who’ve been around for a while, you know that I’m not usually one to whistle while I work … Read More

Old Faithful

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Fall is here in all her glory, Journeyer. Faithful as the day is long. Warren has been gone eight days now, doing some work and a little R & R out west. Two training camps with a few days of hunting and fishing in between. And sightseeing. On Tuesday he made the nearly four-hour trek from where he was staying … Read More

The Hot & Cold of It

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Happy Monday, Journeyer! As is the way with back-to-school, last week seems like a whirlwind gone by. Extra work hours trying to organize student seat assignments, assemble student rosters and pour over the data to become as familiar with the new names and faces as quickly as possible… Toss in a few counseling appointments and several writing prompts to add … Read More