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Digging for the Light

February 4, 2015
Hosted by Cheryl Jones

voice-america-logoWhat do we mean when we say we’ve had a “run of bad luck?” We mean that we have experienced loss after loss, until we’re not even sure which heartache is sending us into the depths of despair. Like quicksand, it seems as if we’ll never get out. Annah Elizabeth went through such a time, with numerous fertility losses, her husband’s affair while she was still vulnerable and the loss of the ground she had always stood on. How did she come through all that to live a joyous life? Join us to discover what she found when she dove into the midst of her own time of greatest mourning and what she leans on now to live a hope-filled, beautiful life, regardless of circumstance.

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Grief Diaries Radio featuring TEDx Talk speaker Annah Elizabeth

December 26, 2014
Hosted by Lynda Cheldelin-Fell & Angie Cartwright

ted_logoGrowing up in a rural part of Raleigh, North Carolina, Annah always knew she wanted to be a mom. After college, she moved to rural New York, married at age twenty-five, and soon thereafter conceived. On May 11, 1990, Annah’s labor progressed exactly as all the books and doctors had said it would, but unexpected complications arose during delivery leading to the death of her son. Over the next six years, Annah would encounter two miscarriages, two complicated but successful pregnancies, a six-week psychiatric stay for severe depression, and then while pregnant with her youngest, she discovered that her husband and her best friend were having an affair.

Throughout each ordeal she grieved. She screamed those eternal questions, “Why me?” and “How am I going to survive?” Throughout her journey, one thing was apparent to Annah: there were numerous grief resources and outlets, but there were no tangible guides to help her once she decided, and then became determined, to celebrate her baby’s life.

Join Lynda & Angie on Wednesday, December 10, as they talk with TEDx Talk speaker Annah Elizabeth about loss and healing, and her philosophy behind The Five Facets. For show information, visit www.griefdiaries.com.

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