Presentations and Workshops by Annah Elizabeth

Be Well. Work Well. Do Well.

  • Do you want to heal your heartaches BIG or small?
  • Do you want your associates, comrades, or employees to bring their best selves to the table?
  • To be passionate? To be productive? To act with purpose?

Together we can heal a world of hurt and accomplish all that!


Relating her own journeys to resolution with regard to  5 D events, which include child loss, depression, infidelity, and disaster, Annah inspires audiences to reflect on their own relationships with loss, grief, and healing, while providing them with groundbreaking resources to help them resolve their own conflicts and suffering. Her passion for using healing as a tool to live our best lives is infectious.


Annah motivates individuals across all realms to not only live their best life, she helps build cohesive teams and inspires people to problem solve by using the groundbreaking grief event recovery tools that are the foundations of The Five Facets of Healing.

Annah Elizabeth offers both educational and interactive training programs for small or corporate groups. Her events are focused on healing and are geared to helping you live your best personal, professional, and philanthropic life by learning to better understand yourself in finding resolution for your conflict and grief.

Check out our topic selections below or contact Annah to tailor a program that works for you!

You might also be interested in Annah’s life coaching or coaching plus programs, energy therapies, and spiritually guided instruments.

Please note The Five Facets of Healing™ materials and these programs are not intended to provide and do not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. The content and services provided by The Five Facets are designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment.




Professional Workshops

Spinal-ColumnWorkshops for Medical Professionals

Medical personnel, though trained to treat the patient, bring to the table their own losses, both big and small, and their own conflicts surrounding suffering. If we can help those on the frontlines of pain understand the complex nature of healing, we can minimize burnout and afford them greater opportunity for success in coping with the atrocities they face day in and day out.






Workshops for Mainstream Professionals

Grievances, whether big or small, distract us and often prevent us from performing our best work, regardless of the nature of the tasks at hand. If we can not only help individuals understand the delicate balance between loss, grief, and healing but provide them tools to help them find resolution for whatever their angsts are, well…everybody wins!



Choose from two programs

Four Hour Five Facets Introduction

Annah’s four-hour Five Facets Philosophy introductory presentation helps bring greater awareness and understanding of how our daily language and perceptions often hold us in conflict and grief patterns, and how shifting these to a healing approach will help participants live with more passion, productivity, and purpose.

Eight Hour Five Facets Workshop

Annah’s eight-hour workshop is an interactive course. Participants will learn the five key components of this groundbreaking guide and will be able to identify, understand, and personally apply the five key components of Annah’s groundbreaking guide to healing:

  • The autonomy between loss, grief, and healing and how it impacts resolution
  • The five categories of loss – The 5 D’s
  • The five universal resources – The 5 Facets
  • The five-step plan for healing – The 5 Steps
  • Strategies to keep moving forward in healing

Watch for our e-course coming soon!

Coaching Certification

We are excited to announce our forthcoming Five Facets of Healing™ coaching certification program that is currently undergoing an extensive BETA testing module. If you feel called to help others heal worlds of hurt and to turn struggle into success and heartache into healing, please contact Annah to join our waitlist! Be sure to let us know why you want to join our group of Healing Specialists and what it would mean to you!

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