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Happy Happens.
Just like the proverbial shit happens, happy happens.

Happiness, it’s definition, and the possession or the elusion of it in our lives is an age-old saga, Neighbor! I am sure that you can recite any number of quotes and cliches you’ve encountred on the subject. And something tells me you can easily conjure moments when you’ve felt happy and moments when you’ve felt…well, anything but happy.

In my own life, as I navigated a child’s death, miscarriages, severe depression, and a marriage that was rife with lies and infidelity, I often felt as if “happiness,” was for someone else. Even in this mental space, however, I believed fiercly that my destiny was not meant to be filled with suffering, and I relentless pursued how to heal my pain, conflict, and suffering.

I came to fully understand the cliche, Happiness is not a destination.

In the midst of all that pain, I journaled regularly, sometimes multiple times a day. I would often re-read sections to clarify this or that piece of information, and one thing began to stand out: In the midst of all the suffering, I was also chronicling moments of humor, peace, kindness, beauty, and joy.

Honoring those moments would, more often than not, give me some peace of mind and helped me realize that my agony and despair was not all-consuming, even though it sure felt that way.

It did not take me long to create my own definition about what happiness truly is.

Happiness happens in micro-moments.

Short and sweet, happiness is little more than a collection of the simple moments that bring a smile to your face, instances that surround you each and every day. Beautiful, soothing, or heartwarming moments that exist in both your “glory days” and within the crevices and cracks that are there in the midst of your conflict, grief and suffering.

Let’s pay homage to the joyful flashes that lift our spirits, for they are the springs that fill our souls, the many pieces that help bring about peace within us, and the littlest things that fill us with hope and promise…

Every Sunday, for six years, I posted big and little moments that made me smile, moments that kept me inspired to live the life of my dreams. even in the face of adversity, and simple moments that have buoyed me in difficult times.

Many of you have shared with me the positiive impact this concept had on you, as well as your own moments, validating this simple, yet powerful self-care and healing technique. But here’s the thing: We need to reach MORE people, Neighbor…for there are millions of people who are looking for hope during difficult times and inspiration to fuel their days!

The best way to reach those millions in need is for them to see your stories! We need MORE stories, Neighor. YOUR stories, and YOUR neighbors’ stories and THEIR neighbors’ stories and… Together, we can collectively help heal a world of hurt. Join us in spreading hope, healing, and happiness!

Share a moment that brought you a smile and tag us!! On Instagram and on Facebook or email us and we will share your words anonymously. 

Here’s what we need from you: 

A story that shares how you found hope and healing in your own loss journey or how you keep positive during difficult times. Be sure to identify and include those things that fed/feed your happy, your peace, or lift(ed) you up.

For a few examples, please visit these links:

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Finding Joy in a Changed World (a guest post)

Post your photo and/or your story on social media and #happyhappens.


Yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

Annah xoxo

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