Holiday Healing Tips: Put ME on the Calendar

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Holidays and special events demand more of our time and our energy…shopping…cooking…planning…

Toss in the effects of conflict and grief due to some life loss event and the holidays can become something that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, or something you fear or maybe even downright dread.

Putting ME on the calendar is vital to healing through the holidays and navigating holiday grief like a boss!

There are a few simple strategies that can help you navigate the holidays with a little more confidence, grace, and ease. Self care, Neighbor–putting ME on the calendar–is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.

Now I know what you might be thinking: “You just reminded me how the holidays require more of my time and attention and now you’re telling me to ADD one more thing to my already burgeoning list?” YOU. MUST. BE. JOKING.

Truth is, Neighbor, it’s true. Trust me on this.

First, I’ll let you in on some little secrets I discovered a few years ago. The truth about Time.

Raise your hands high if you have ever said, “I need to make (or find) time.” I see those hands! Mine are waving back at you!

Are you ready to know the truth about Time?

You cannot “find time.”

Because it’s not lost.

You cannot “make time.”

Because the universe (or man) allocated to us twenty-four hours in a day.

You can (and must) TAKE the time to do what you want.

That’s right. Claim those minutes as your own!

When you choose to take five or fifty or [insert your whatever] minutes to exercise self care, you must deduct that time from other activities you are doing.

Sounds rough? It’s not.

When you take time for relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal, you actually create a sense of additional time because you approach each activity with a more peaceful state of being, which in turn allows you to manage your functions with more energy, enthusiasm, and efficiency.

YOU are as important, if not more so, than every other event you write in your day planner.

Putting ME on the calendar is essential to healing through The Holidays.

Putting ME on the calendar not only validates your worth, it’s a simple reminder that you are choosing healing, you are choosing to do something that will nurture yourself so that you can, in turn, give more to others, to your work, to that holiday shopping, or all of the above.

Putting ME on the calendar tends your emotional and spiritual facets because you are connecting to what you need and want to feel better and then  you are making it happen.

Putting ME on the calendar tends to your academic facet because you will alleviate some of the mental stress and anxiety over how you’re ever going to fit your lists into a day that has recently felt like you are moving through sludge.

Putting ME on the calendar tends to your physical facet because eliminating stress brings calm to your body.

Lucille Ball said, “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

Putting ME on the calendar and practicing Self care is not only a sign of strength, courage, and self worth, it is a way of empowering yourself in ways that not only lift you up, it will likely allow you to give even more to others.

Share in a comment below what ME activity you will put on your calendar to help you navigate The Holidays with more confidence, grace, and ease!

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