Annah Elizabeth is The Five Facets of Healing™ founder and creator of The Five Facets Philosophy on Healing™, a ground-breaking guide that helps you live your best personal, professional, and philanthropic life by finding resolution in conflict and grief across each of your five facets.

She is an author, speaker, and Healing Specialist™, someone who focuses on how we heal mind, body, and soul using the academic and alternative techniques that work for YOU.

Annah has dedicated her life to helping heal worlds of hurt and spent more than two decades developing the resources and tools to help facilitate that healing for individuals, communities, and corporations.

She has been a featured guest on national radio programs like Good Grief with Cheryl Jones, on TV with The Open to Hope Foundation, has presented The Five Facets Philosophy™ at national events like the NC Social Worker’s conference, is a proud TEDx speaker and is a continuing education instructor and guest lecturer for a local hospital. Additionally, Annah is a dually certified energy therapy practitioner holding Master-Instructor Level IET® and Reiki certifications and is a certified Medical Reiki Master. She is an intuitive who utilizes those gifts on request.

Following the unexpected death of her child, Annah spent more than two decades researching and reflecting on loss, grief, and healing. She is passionate about the power we each possess to heal our heartaches–both big and small–and she believes we can all live our best personal, professional, and philanthropic lives, even in the face of extreme challenge and adversity.

The Five Facets of Healing Story

Growing up in a rural part of Raleigh, North Carolina, Annah spent most of her time in the great outdoors, swimming, skating, biking, and riding horseback. Throughout those early years she always knew she wanted to be a mom and that she wanted those babies before she turned thirty.

After college Annah moved to rural New York, where she met her future husband. Just according to her master plan, she married at twenty-five and soon thereafter conceived. On May 11, 1990, Annah’s labor progressed exactly as all the books and doctors had said it would, but unexpected complications arose during delivery, and she would go on to experience what society calls The Worst Loss, the death of her child.

Even through the pain and shock of those very early days following her son’s death, Annah knew she didn’t want to spend a lifetime mourning her child. She didn’t know what that meant, what it looked like, or how she was going to get there, but she knew what she didn’t want.

Over the next six years, Annah would encounter two miscarriages, two more complicated but successful pregnancies, a six-week psychiatric stay for severe depression, and then, when she was six weeks shy of delivering her youngest, she faced the discovery that her husband and her best friend were having an affair.

Throughout each ordeal she grieved, she screamed those eternal questions, Why?, Why me?, and the first question often asked following tragedy: How am I going to survive this? In other words, How am I going to heal? In spite of the pain, she kept believing that she could find a way to mend the gaping holes inside her. Throughout her journey to healing, one thing was apparent to Annah: though there were countless resources and outlets for her grief, there were no tangible guides to help her once she’d decided her grief was no longer serving a purpose, and that it was actually holding her back from living her best life…

When Annah finally reached the other side of grieving her son’s death, she realized what it was she had wanted during those early days after her boy died: She wanted to one day be able to celebrate his life…

The Five Facets Philosophy™ pioneers a new conversation about grief resolution and is a tool to help us better understand the autonomy between loss, grief, and healing and how those things impact us, inspires us to tap into our own universal resources, and empowers us with a step-by-step guide. This groundbreaking program is a road map of sorts for those who are ready to move beyond the realm of loss into the spirit of living…

Annah’s life was further changed when she received energy therapy work. One Integrated Energy Therapy® session helped release anger and resentment that no amount of traditional counseling had been able to achieve. It was then that Annah realized she wanted to be able to offer both traditional and alternative methods that treat body, mind, and soul. “Sometimes,” she says, “we simply can’t talk or analyze our conflict away because our bodies are actually storing the energy.”

Because energy is universal, Annah is able to provide distance healing services to meet your needs.

Additionally, for those open to other alternative tools, Annah incorporates her intuition, Numerology, Human Design, and spiritually guided resources and spiritual mediumship readings in a holistic-based manner to help bring insight and aid healing.