The Five Facets Philosophy on Healing — Be Well, Work Well, Do Well…Even in Adversity


Let Healing Begin
Get to know the autonomy between loss, grief, and healing

The first thing we must do when we choose to embark on the healing process is to start a new conversation, one that will help us better understand how our current ways of looking at grief and talking about loss may hold us back from living our best personal, professional, or philanthropic lives.

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The Five D's
The 5 D’s
Insight into the types of loss you’re experiencing

All forms of misfortune or mayhem that cause us grief–our response to loss–fall into one of these five categories: death, despair, disaster, disease, and dysfunction.

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The 5 Facets
Find hope in your resources

Each of us is born with five distinct facets, fibers that weave together our very existence. They dictate every aspect of our life. They drive our relationships with others and with ourselves.

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The Five Steps
The 5 Steps of Healing
A step-by-step guide to help heal a world of hurt

The Five Steps of Healing is a process that enables us to systematically move between bereavement and recovery. Just as we move in and out of the various stages of grief, so too shall we weave back and forth between these five steps of healing.

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Power Mantras
The Power Mantras
Inspiration you can live by

Power Mantras are inspirational soundbites, positive cues that help us to stay focused on our new way of thinking or help us get back on track if we find ourselves returning to old ways of thinking.

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