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What is resolution?

Resolution in literature is the point in the story where a conflict is resolved.

Resolution in music has to do with the harmony of the sounds and the release of musical tension.

Resolving conflict and creating harmony and balance in our lives is what healing accomplishes. You can’t undo or alter the past. You can’t take it back. You can’t recover what has been lost. But you CAN create a blend of the Past with a Now and a Future. This union holds different perspectives, positive energy, and beautiful new experiences. And we accomplish this by shifting the focus from grief to healing and striving for resolution.

Your quality of life

When our children were young and we were struggling to make ends meet, there was one thing my husband and I always made a priority: our family’s health and wellness. It didn’t matter if it was routine physicals and dental cleanings or specialized eye care and TMJ treatments to help heal our daughter’s migraines. We did it. We made it happen.

This was my motto: You can’t put a price tag on your health. Period.

Let’s face it, don’t we all desire a good quality of life? An investment in yourself will help you live your best life…to be well, work well, and do well. I think you’re worth it. Don’t you?

Heal It Your Way™

Just as you are unique-right down to your DNA-so are the many ways in which you will find resolution for your conflict and grief.

In other words, we don’t tell you what to do, for who knows your body, mind, and soul better than you? Our academic and holistic-based programs are designed to help you reduce the overwhelming nature of your struggle and heartache into a manageable form, one that allows you to choose what you want to address and when, for believe it or not, YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, even when it might not feel that way. We look forward to helping you discover your own unique path to turning your struggle into success and your heartache into healing and bearing witness to you moving forward in living your best personal, professional, and philanthropic life.

Here are the ways in which we can do that:

Life/Personal Coaching

Want to be well? Work well? Do well? Day in and day out? Want to reach your highest potential or get in touch with your highest self? Life coaching is like a little journey that leads you to your best, freest, and most energetic self.

Using our groundbreaking Five Facets Philosophy™ guide, Annah Elizabeth helps you shift your focus from conflict and grief to healing. This perspective enables you to solve your grief puzzles by identifying, evaluating, and refashioning your conflicts with intent and purpose. It’s like soul work. It’s also super rewarding.

Our Coaching Plus program, incorporates alternative, energy work, and intuitive elements into our traditional coaching program.

About our Coaching Services About our Coaching Plus Services

Energy Therapy

Our bodies are one big energy field. Balancing our energy, also known as Ki, and removing stored negative energy from our cells helps us to feel freer, more energetic, and allows everything we do to be more enjoyable and effective. Not to mention it’s the perfect way to relax your body, recharge your inspiration, and refuel your energy reserves.

About our Energy Therapy Services
Spiritually Guided Enlightenment

We are happy to incorporate intuitive elements and resources for those who are interested in incorporating spiritually guided services. These offerings all come from a healing, holistic-based approach where enlightenment and reflection are the goal.

Local, Regional, and Global Healing

Journeyer, we truly are neighbors in grief and allies in healing.

So you live in Albuquerque? Alaska? Australia? You are a part of our global neighborhood! Now we can reach out and touch someone in so many ways

Our coaching and holistic services are provided via phone and Zoom. Since energy is universal, you are also able to benefit from our energy therapy services via distance healing! It’s one of life’s many little miracles.

All you need are the following: Take time for you. You can’t make time. You have to take it. Set aside time each week to reflect on the simple activities I offer you and one hour every few weeks to work with me one-on-one. It’s like putting a million bucks into your Wellness Investment. Seriously.

You’ll also need a phone and/or computer, pen, paper (or a pretty, feel-good journal), e-mail, a comfy chair, good hydration, and an open mind that will allow me to show you that you have everything you need to heal your heartaches big and small and to help you move forward in living your best personal, professional, and philanthropic life!

The Business Side of Stuff

All services are by appointment only.

Use our contact form or call Annah at 607-288-FIVE (3483) to schedule your sessions!

Your first consultation session is FREE, will last approximately thirty to forty-five minutes, and is designed for me to review your entrance paperwork and for you to ask any questions we haven’t already answered. (This means a 5 session package is actually 6 sessions!)

Paypal makes the payment process super easy! Payment in full must be received before sessions begin.

Though you may stop your sessions at any time, there are no refunds. We understand that things come up and will gladly reschedule any session with a twenty-four (24) hours notice.

Trust is a big part of any partnership and we work hard to preserve that. Everything we discuss is strictly confidential, unless you indicate in any way that you may harm yourself or others, in which case we’ll notify the proper authorities who can best help you and your situation.

Your Monetary Investment
  • IET® 30-minute Tune-Up – $55
  • IET® 60-minute Session – $99
  • IET® 90-minute Intensive – $144
  • Reiki 30-minute Tune-Up – $55
  • Reiki 60-minute Session – $99
  • Single Session Coaching – $99
  • 5-Session Intensive Coaching – $479
  • 10-Session Coaching Package – $899
  • 10-Session Combo: Coaching & Energy Therapy – $899 (Our most popular package!)

Now offering energy therapy MEMBERSHIP PLANS!

For amazing savings, ease, and to lock in your rate, select your plan today!

Ready to live your best life? Ready for resolution and healing?

Choose your healing service and schedule your session today!

*Rates subject to change.

**Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Or five hours. Neither was your suffering. Translation: Your conflict and grief consists of many layers and has likely been many years in the making. Three to six months of coaching helps to facilitate more effective, positive change. Balancing your body’s energy can often be accomplished in three to five hours, making maintenance easy with our thirty-minute tune-up sessions as you deem necessary.

It is truly my honor and pleasure to serve you~to help you turn struggle into success and heartache into healing. I look forward to working with you!


Annah Elizabeth is a pioneer in the field of conflict and grief resolution and is the creator of the groundbreaking guide, The Five Facets Philosophy on Healing.™ She is a certified Master-Instructor Level IET® who trained under IET® founder Stevan Thayer. Annah is also a Master-Instructor Reiki practitioner. Annah is honored to offer both traditional and alternative healing modalities to help you live your best life, even in the face of adversity. Using these models she will help you  be well, work well, and do well with more passion, productivity, and purpose.

You might also be interested in Annah’s presentations and workshops, and energy therapy services, and spiritually guided instruments.

Coaching: Single Session

Designed to address a single sticking point in your life, Annah provides a list of questions for your reflection following a discussion about where you think you might be stuck.

Coaching: 5-session intensive program

Helps you identify, evaluate, and refashion your conflicts with intent and purpose. Annah Elizabeth guides you step-by-step through each phase of The Five Facets Philosophy™. This interactive program incorporates different independent exercises designed to help you tap into the very essence of what drives your successes and your suffering. Weekly coaching sessions include a combination of phone, e-mail, and where available in person communications.

Coaching: 10-session program

For the person who wants to slow things down or wants more time and deeper reflection, this program includes additional exercises and one-on-one discussions.

Coaching Plus: 10-session program

Our most popular package! For the person who wants to slow things down or wants more time and deeper reflection, this program includes additional exercises and one-on-one discussions. Coaching Plus incorporates alternative, energy work, Spirit guided, and Metaphysical elements into our traditional coaching. When your body is in the best energetic state, you allow the academic-based work you’re doing to be more effective since you reduce the resistance of negative and limiting energies like anger, fear, guilt, shame, stress (and MORE!) from the cellular memories in your body.

Integrated Energy Therapy®

IET, or Integrated Energy Therapy®, is a powerful, energy-based healing technique that removes stored negative energy from our cells and replaces the space with the energy’s positive counterpart.





Reiki is a healing technique that focuses on and uses our natural, life force energy, otherwise known as “Ki.” It is widely used to balance our energy and Chakra systems, for relaxation, stress management, and as an aid in the development and healing of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual facets; in essence, our overall well-being.



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