Spiritual Mediumship Reading

By Annah Elizabeth, The Sapphire and Steel Medium

Annah Elizabeth, known as The Sapphire and Steel Medium, is happy to continue her work in helping you find healing by connecting you with those you know who have deceased, those who now reside on the other side of The Veil.

In her energy work, Annah has always received messages directly related to the limiting energies being released. As she puts it, “It’s a way of helping your Being to make the full mind, body, spirit connection in the trauma energy release.” In that process, her client’s crossed loved ones often share messages in that process.

Having experienced great healing gains, Annah’s clients began asking her about individual spiritual mediumship readings. And so she did. Annah trained under The Scottish Medium, Marc Stuart, of Edinburgh, Scotland. In that style of mediumship, the medium provides solid evidence of your crossed loved one’s presence and shares the spirit’s message with you. Spirit Guides can also come through with messages to help guide you on your life path!

In your session, Annah will connect one or more spirits who wish to help you with something you are needing. That is one of the many beautiful things about the spirit world, they know what we need, even if we are not aware of it. The messages Annah delivers from the spirit world have proven time and again to bring peace of mind, answers to questions, and undeniable evidence of loved ones who have left this earthly plane.

In addition to this direct, Scottish-style connection with Spirit, Annah will sometimes incorporate other forms of intuitive tools not associated with the Scottish-style work, including Numerology, Tarot and Oracle cards, and crystals.

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Disclaimer: Annah cannot guarantee which spirit(s) will come through. She is also required to let you know that many State and international laws recognize mediumship readings as entertainment only. As such, you should approach each reading as fun and entertainment only.

About Annah

Following the unexpected death of her child, Annah spent more than two decades researching and reflecting on loss, grief, and healing. A few years after his death, Annah had a dream in which her son came to see her. Although she did not realise it at the time, this visitation became the start of her spiritual awakening. Annah Elizabeth is a recognised pioneer in the field of conflict and grief resolution, utilizing a unique blend of academic and alternative resources to meet each person’s preferred approach to healing. A strong intuitive, Annah pursued mediumship training at the request of many clients who wanted her to offer spiritual readings as a stand-alone service.

Annah trained under Marc Stuart, The Scottish Medium of Edinburgh. In keeping with traditional, Scottish-style Spiritual Mediumship, she provides personal evidence of your loved one’s life after death, delivers evidential messages from Them to you, and often provides answers to your unspoken questions. Whether the message is silly, sensitive in nature, or anything in between, the breadth of Annah’s experiences allow her to communicate what Spirit wants you to know with compassion, conviction, and/or a quick wit.