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Digging for the Light: One Woman’s Journey from Heartache to Hope (Paperback)

PAPERBACK - Annah Elizabeth always knew she wanted to marry, to be a mom, and that she wanted those babies before she turned thirty. This…

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Life Purpose Syllabus™

Your Life Purpose Syllabus™ provides you with an overview of the three main lessons your soul came here to learn, as well as a brief…

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Gift Certificate

What better gift than one of healing, relaxation, or overall wellness? Your gift recipient may use Her/His certificate toward any of our services or classes, and can…
Classes & Workshops

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Dig for the Light Weekend Workshop

A fully interactive day designed to empower you with grief healing tools and skills that will help you help yourself when you need it most.…

Intro to Meditation Class

This beginner’s class provides a brief overview of the benefits of meditation, tips for incorporating meditation into your busy day, and a brief, guided meditation…

Basic Level IET® Certification Class

Sometimes you can't move forward by only talking about or analyzing your conflict or grief away because your body is holding on to negative or…
Intuitive Services

Spiritual Mediumship Reading

Receive messages from family or friends who have crossed over, or even possibly from your spirit guide! 30-minute reading

Disclaimer: Many State laws recognize spiritual mediumship readings as entertainment only, so please approach all readings as fun and entertainment.