The Sound of Love

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

I hope this week’s Happy Happy column finds you well, but if you’re in a place where you can use a little pick-me-up, may something in these words accomplish that for you.

My week has been full, to say the least.

Full of work and growth and continuing to expand the website so we can help more people heal worlds of hurt.

It’s also been full of personal growth, as I spent two glorious hours with a personal coach of my own, soaking up all the knowledge I can to better serve myself and You.

One of this person’s knowledge bases is Human Design, which is like a text blueprint for our soul. It’s some pretty cool stuff and the more I learn about my own coding, the more I am in awe of the things that were long ago written yet so eloquently fit the patterns of my persona and my life.

One of his greatest specialties is Manifestation Writing, the penning of our dreams and desires.

I liken it to a love request to the universe.

Some call it the Law of Attraction or LOA. My trainer says that writing these things is the strongest and  most effective form because of sound.

In a workshop I took from him a few months back, he talked about how (if my notes are correct) the speed of sound is actually faster than the speed of light, as light is an after-affect of sound.

“That’s where the power of prayer comes in,” he said.

I’m certain he wasn’t just talking about church and Bible prayer, but all kinds that include the prayer of gratitude and love.

My assignments have been to write, the best kind of sweet, glorious homework I can possibly imagine!

This week’s photo diary is pretty bare outside of repeating number sequences that I continue to see.

And as I reflected on the week, that makes complete sense, because the past seven days have been tapped into life’s audio reel.

Journeyer, have you ever noticed the sound of your pen or pencil scratching out your thoughts or your thirsts for things yet to come?

Do you hear the tap tap tap or click click click of the keystrokes as you type?

If you have wind chimes, do you hear them from the farthest corner of your home?

Do you hear the wind? When I first told this teacher that I actually hear the wind, I questioned the words that came out of my mouth.

But as this week has unfolded, I’ve tested that statement and found it to be true, for you can hear the wind as it passes through the contours of your ears.

I hear the wind in the rustling of the leaves.

I hear harmony in the cricket and grasshopper song, which, by the way, I’ve noticed isn’t only reserved for night! They play all day long!

Sometimes, when Warren and I are sitting in the hot tub, we hear the calls of the wild.

The sound of a clean desk? It’s in the crinkle crinkle crinkle of papers being wadded up and the swoosh as they hit the trash can’s liner.

There’s a sound to camaraderie that exists in the hum of voices and joy in the sound of laughter.

The sound of magic? It’s in the unspoken and spoken gasp in those moments that take our breath away and in the ahhs and oohs and sighs of relief.

The Sound of Love

There’s the sound of success in the ding! of the elevator and a new client’s knock on my office door.

There’s the sound of comfort in the whir of my AC on a ninety-degree day.

The sound of nature’s nurture in the rains on our rooftops.

There’s the sound of pride that exists in the bbbbrrrrr of a lawn mower or the soft thwap thwap thwap of an American flag fluttering on a breeze.

There’s the SMACK! of a smooch and the brush sound of skin against skin.

These are some of the things that filled my happy this week, Journeyer, those fleeting moments that I chose to recognize, to hear, and to honor by sharing them with you.

It’s my way of breathing positivity back out onto the planet, one of the simplest ways we can heal ourselves and others.

Journeyer, these otherwise inconspicuous instances are the sound of love, love for our lands, love for our work, and love for the people around us.

At speeds greater than we can possibly imagine, paying tribute to those symphonies that fill our days and nights is one of the ways we imprint happiness onto our soul.

Thank you, Neighbor, for the sounds of your thoughts. I invite you to share one or more of your week’s music in a comment below and look forward to hearing your happiness!

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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  1. Oh Annah…I’ve been a bit delinquent. My apologies. I’m glad that everything continues to build up as far as your new adventure goes!

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