Holiday Healing Tips: Putting ME on the calendar and Self Care

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Holidays and special events demand more of our time and our energy…shopping…cooking…planning… Toss in the effects of conflict and grief due to some life loss event and the holidays can become something that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, or something you fear or maybe even downright dread. There are a few simple strategies that can help you navigate the holidays with … Read More

It’s Time

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 Late Sunday night, just as I was about to sign off and go to bed, I received an e-mail from a writer I had referenced in a Happy Happens post. She not only read that July piece, she became the very first person to inquire about submitting a guest post to this column. I was over the moon, Journeyers! … Read More

Taking Time

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 Three weeks since my last post. Countless notations in my calendar: “Blog.” Thousands of minutes sucked into some ethereal vacuum. Hubby and soon-to-be-graduated son out of the country. Meetings/planning/work for graduation event for said son. Mother flew in from California for event. School events, carpooling, soccer matches, and social gatherings for son and daughter at home. Work. Paying bills. … Read More