Happy Happens™

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Happy Happens. Just like the proverbial shit happens, happy happens.™ Happiness, it’s definition, and the possession or the elusion of it in our lives is an age-old saga, Neighbor! I am sure that you can recite any number of quotes and cliches you’ve encountred on the subject. And something tells me you can easily conjure moments when you’ve felt happy … Read More

Just Like the Proverbial Shit Happens, Happy Happens

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Good morning, Journeyer, This week has been agonizingly long and brutal… I did not write. I accomplished few, if any, of my daily designated tasks or goals. I fought regularly with Warren. I spent the better share of three days trying (unsuccessfully) to unravel an internet connection problem. I experienced several nights of interrupted sleep, which is a rare occasion … Read More

Symbols of Sweet Success

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 “Is it a resume that defines success?” It’s a question Counselor Hank posed to me during one of our sessions, some eight years ago. I was lamenting my concerns about an impending job move and how the multiple transitions I’d made in previous years was going to appear to prospective employers. A resume is, after all, a window into who … Read More

All Shook Up

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Proverbial Shit has been knocking on my door this week, Journeyer. Nagging nuisances that just sort of make us feel icky and ornery and rundown. Three words to kick it off: Snow. SNOW! (EVER-LOVIN’-F-IN’) SNOW!! This is on the hood of Warren’s truck! And leaving for work in more subzero temperatures that dipped to MINUS TWENTY! What’s all this nonsense … Read More

Date Night, Dessert, and AC/DC

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It’s been a busy and dark and freaking COLD week here in the northeast! A week of learning curves and tax preparations and eye rolling and frozen fingers and shivering… But, you know what I say, it’s the sole purpose for this Happy Happens column: Just like the proverbial shit happens, so does happy! All we have to do is … Read More


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Yesterday, I spent a gloriously exhausting day at a TEDx event, where I met with many wonderfully new and exciting ideas and people. One speech brought together those two entities in the form of a single word: Paesano. Paesano, as he told us, literally translates to countrymen or villager, but the truest essence of what it represents is friend. Not … Read More

Over the Moon

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  Did you see the Harvest Moon this week, Journeyers?! Warren and I were taking Thunder for a walk when this glorious ball started her ascent over the hills. A friend of mine laughs at how much delight I take from nature’s beauty, but honestly, who isn’t mesmerized by such grandeur? Though I can’t take credit for the image, my … Read More

I’m Home

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I’m home, Journeyers, literally and figuratively. We’ve spent a fair amount of time on the road since last fall, following our three children to and fro. Though I feel at home wherever I am, it sure is nice to be able to plant myself in my office chair and sleep in my own bed. This week, I got together with … Read More

Five Fabulous Things

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It’s always nice to get away for a vacation, and equally nice to return home to our beds and familiar surroundings. In the midst of those joys is the reality of catching up on mail and bills and unpacking… I dread the unpacking so much that I’ve been known to live out of my suitcase for weeks after a trip. … Read More