I’m Home

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I’m home, Journeyers, literally and figuratively.

We’ve spent a fair amount of time on the road since last fall, following our three children to and fro.

Though I feel at home wherever I am, it sure is nice to be able to plant myself in my office chair and sleep in my own bed.

This week, I got together with a friend to catch up on life and to do a little creative writing.

I spent three glorious hours just visiting with another girlfriend on my deck, gabbing and soaking up a little sunshine…

Right now, I’m writing from a comfy sofa in our three-season room, my chimes singing along with the gentle breeze blowing through the open windows.

Warren and I went four-wheeling with the kiddos and Fave’s girlfriend and her mother who are in town for a visit…

My two college kids are home.

It’s nice to have my brood assembled under one roof, even if it is a little messy and only for fleeting moments of “Hi!” and “Bye!”

The photo of their bedrooms is, however, only for effect. You see, their sleeping quarters were always their private space. Though I did mention a time or two that their place might be getting a little groady, I never set restrictions on how they needed to keep it, other than “no food or drinks, ‘cause I don’t want bugs or critters.”
The rest of the house, though? Training grounds. That’s a win-win situation right there: They learn. I work less and feel good about it.
I’m learning to melt into that strangeness of them being home but not present in the house for more than a few minutes here and there.
I want more time to watch them play and laugh and joke and bring me baby toads like this little guy, one that Big Guy rescued while he was mowing the lawn.
I want more time to actually see these great young men and women morph before my eyes, as opposed to hearing it across the airwaves.

Though that part of me wants more, I’m eternally grateful that they learned their lessons in independence well.

And speaking of education, I’ve had quite an eye-opening week thanks to Trish recommending I read one of Melody Beattie’s books on codependency.

Journeyers, I think I could well be one of Beattie’s poster children for Codependency.

Now we all know what drives the control-freak in me and a maddening fretting over everything.

“The codependent is someone who’s always worrying about saving the world and helping other people and trying to make everything happen for everyone and thinking ‘if not me, who?’ and—Hi, my name’s Annah…” I said as I was sharing my newfound knowledge with Fave and his companion.

She covered her mouth and stifled a laugh, and a broad grin claimed Fave’s face as he nodded in recognition.

Four pages, Friends, four pages.

In those first four pages I saw myself.

And immediately I felt free.

FREE!, Journeyers!

You mean I don’t have to be in charge of and responsible for everyone and everything, anymore?

Hallelujah. Praise Jesus and Melody Beattie.

I have an entire post I want to write on the subject and 266 more pages to read, so for now, I’m going to wrap this post up and go spend the rest of the day with our guests, more glorious sunshine, nature, and prepare to celebrate Beauty’s nineteenth birthday.

Happy happens, Journeyers. Between the sheets and the pages of a book. In forests and fields and friendships…

What about you? What Moment(s) brought comfort or peace or joy to your heart and your life this week? Share them here and change the world, one instance at a time.



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