Ask Annah: How Do You Do It All?

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Dearest Neighbor, Social Media Highlight Reels. Glitz. Glamour. Got-it-all-together goodness. Do these qualities exist? Sure. Do they exist all the time? For anyone? Not on your life. Comparison is one of our greatest life hurdles, which affords it a front row seat in The Five Facets Philosophy on Healing programs. This question came to me leading up to the holiday season and … Read More

I’m Home

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I’m home, Journeyers, literally and figuratively. We’ve spent a fair amount of time on the road since last fall, following our three children to and fro. Though I feel at home wherever I am, it sure is nice to be able to plant myself in my office chair and sleep in my own bed. This week, I got together with … Read More

Home is Where I Am

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I have been busy packing and planning for my first trip to Europe. I’ve made lists and more lists; lists for me and lists for my hubby. There are more lists for my children and the person who will be staying with them while we are away. This morning, as I was thinking about this trip and the numerous items … Read More