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I have been busy packing and planning for my first trip to Europe. I’ve made lists and more lists; lists for me and lists for my hubby. There are more lists for my children and the person who will be staying with them while we are away.

This morning, as I was thinking about this trip and the numerous items I still have to do (finish packing, change bedding for our guest, confirmations, notes to school…) some of our family trips blipped through my memory banks and I thought about conversations I’ve had with my children about home.
The expression everyone knows is “Home is where the heart is.” And yet, I’ve always believed that home is where I am.
 We have traveled frequently throughout these past fifteen years, mostly short weekend jaunts, with a few weeklong events thrown in here and there.

Often, when were traveling, my children would ask when we were going to eat or swim in the hotel pool, or visit a particular place. 

I would reply something like this, “When we get back home,” or “We’re going home to change, then we’re going out to eat.”

At first, this confused my children. “Home? But I didn’t think we were going home for one more day.”

But after many conversations, I think that they, too, have finally come to realize that home is where we are.

This is something I’ve done without thought or intent, but I feel it is an important detail to adapt into our lives.

If we are comfortable wherever we are—be it a luxury suite, a cramped hotel room, or sleeping in tiny twin beds at a friend’s house—if we take our hearts with us, then we are always home.

I am excited to see what awaits in my modest, temporary homes in Paris, Zurich, and the heart of Italy…

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