Date Night, Dessert, and AC/DC

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It’s been a busy and dark and freaking COLD week here in the northeast!

A week of learning curves and tax preparations and eye rolling and frozen fingers and shivering

But, you know what I say, it’s the sole purpose for this Happy Happens column: Just like the proverbial shit happens, so does happy!

All we have to do is pay homage to it, to give it space in our minds and our hearts just like we do the negative.

Capture it.

Memorialize it.

One of this week’s happy had me laughing so hard this morning I almost wet myself from both ends.

Now that my TEDxSFA speech is nailed down, I don’t have to practice every spare minute of every day. That means that I now have the radio on in my car.

Friday afternoon, as I rushed back to work, late and feeling frantic and behind in every aspect of my life, I pushed in that dial.

Almost immediately, the radio began blaring an old tune from my high school days and I was transported back to my bedroom and to bars, where I could be found dancing my pretty little feet off.

In an effort to capture the moment, so I wouldn’t forget when this post came along, I jotted down the following note in my phone:
For those of you who’ve been around these here parts for any length of time, you know that I am horrible with names, and that I tend to mix metaphors…
Even as I jammed to the beat, I wracked my brains to come up with the band’s name.
Preparing for this piece, I typed the lyrics from my note into my search engine and as I played this YouTube video, I couldn’t help but laugh.
Oh, so THAT’S what “knocking me out with those American thighs” means! It’s “shook me all night long!”
I nearly wore out that Back in Black vinyl, but I never had the lyrics right…
All these years I wondered what should be all nightlong had to do with a woman’s legs…
Laughter. It does the heart good. Thankfully I have a good sense of humor regarding those Annah-isms.
Warren and I ended the week with a date night dinner and a movie.
I used the Chili’s gift card I received during my surprise fiftieth; it’s a birthday that just keeps on giving me enjoyment!
You also know how much I enjoy my meals, and this delightful chocolate/peanut butter/lava cake with vanilla ice cream Warren and I shared was just the right end to a yummy meal.

Can’t you just imagine sinking your teeth into this plate of deliciousness?
And though I had a hard time stomaching the realistic portrayal of war in Lone Survivor, I enjoyed this fine film and some quiet time with my hubby…
So, what about you, Journeyers, what Moment(s) took you down a memory lane of fondness or made you smile this week? Share them here and spread a little joy!

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