Date Night, Dessert, and AC/DC

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It’s been a busy and dark and freaking COLD week here in the northeast! A week of learning curves and tax preparations and eye rolling and frozen fingers and shivering… But, you know what I say, it’s the sole purpose for this Happy Happens column: Just like the proverbial shit happens, so does happy! All we have to do is … Read More

The Dirty Eye

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It happened at a family reunion. On a bus tour of Valley Forge. Warren was shaking my mother’s and my aunt’s seats, playfully picking, as is his constant nature. I noticed my aunt looking over her shoulder in Warren’s direction. “Is she giving you the dirty eye?” “I think it’s ‘the evil eye,’ Annah,” he said. “That’s another one of … Read More

What’s an Annah-ism

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What’s an Annah-ism, you ask?   I am notorious for mixing metaphors, continents, and timeframes.   You know how it is when traveling to a foreign land, no matter how hard you try to understand the cultural idiosyncrasies and allegories, they just don’t make sense?   Well, I’m like a tourist in my own native land.   Over the years, … Read More