Best Parenting Advice Ever: You’re Going to Kiss Ass

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

Looks like I’ve still got it in me. That knack for mixing metaphors in humorous ways.

Not too long ago I actually mentioned to Warren that I hadn’t had any Annah-isms in a while.

That notion went out the window when Big Guy handed me the open calendar I sent with him when he went away to college.

Like I’d done for his brother and sister before him, I made little love entries on special or arbitrary dates. Sometimes I’d tape a four-leaved clover in the St. Patrick’s Day box, draw a few  hearts below February 14th, or just write some random quote or note of inspiration.

This is the message I added to May 9, 2016, the beginning of my boy’s final exam week:

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]“Your’e going to kiss ass on those exams.”[/Tweet]

Of course I added a star at the end of the proclamation, just for celebratory good measure.


That right there has to be some of the best parenting advice ever! Maybe they should hang it in the parenting hall of fame.

My boy laughed as he made some reference to my mixed up words and placed the dayplanner into my hands.

Annah-ism You're going to Kiss Ass on Those Exams

There are some things we mamas just don’t want to know. I definitely prefer to remain in the dark if Big Guy’s 4.0 for his second college semester had anything to do with kissing someone’s ass.

I think I’ll just stay in my own little world and the intended “You’re going to kick ass on those exams” because you paid attention in class, did your homework, and studied your little heart out.

Laughter is often our best medicine, isn’t it, Journeyer?

Seeing as I’ve spent this past week knee-deep in a new and different legal dilemma (I KNOW! Someone please make it stop!), I embraced every single fly-by event that brought a smile to my face or warmed my heart.

And speaking of my heart, it’s a little heavy for a friend whose father died unexpectedly. I never had the privilege of knowing the man in life, but I certainly came to know him through the many stories told during the service. Mixed in with the silent reverence were many reflections that brought laughter.

It’s even heavier yet because it seems my relationship with Beauty has become even more estranged since the whole Graduation/Mother’s Day debacle. I just have to trust what I know and what everyone keeps telling me, that her pulling away isn’t uncommon for a twenty-one year old, and that some day she’ll come back around.

At the same time, I’m trying to remember that I have no control over that, so I’m trying to find balance between that trust that everything will work out okay and wishful thinking…

So, how did I kick ass and take names during a week that threatened to kick my ass?

I enjoyed every second of a previously scheduled massage.

I laughed with new acquaintances and loved learning more about crystals and auras in a class I took Tuesday night.

I drank in the most mesmerizing morning sun I’ve ever seen. Usually a bright sunrise colors the horizon, but on this day, the giant glowing orb was a welcome contrast to an otherwise dismal, yet cloudless, sky.

I had a nice dinner out with Warren and Big Guy.

Speaking of my youngest, he purchased his first car this week! I was happy he asked Warren and I to be a part of the process. I am so happy for him!

Friday night I went to dinner and a fun psychic reading with a friend.

I did a little house cleaning yesterday and prepared my screen in porch for the summer.

I finally opened the package that came with my Tiny Buddha Be here now shirts! Wearing it this weekend helped me stay Zen while working on some tough copyright and plagiarism issues. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, I highly recommend you head over there for some powerful bits of inspiration, including this one from yours truly.

TinyBuddha Be here now shirts

I spent the past two days doing writing work out on the deck, drinking iced cold and enjoying the fresh outdoors and greening landscape.

And I made the season’s first batch of homemade nectar.

As I type, one of my ruby-throated regulars is suspended right outside my office window; a quick hello before flying off.

What about you, Journeyer? Did you have any kick-ass or kiss-ass moments that made you smile or laugh?

Your neighbors want to know! Won’t you share? Leave a little something in a comment below.

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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