On Stephen King and What I’ve Been Writing

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  Sometimes life just gets in the way of what we really want to be doing. And sometimes things aren’t as they appear. I’ve been writing Journeyers, much like this post where I talk about Joan Didion and Abigail Thomas, I’ve been penning words to paper and banging them out on my keyboard. But here’s what else I’ve been doing. … Read More

Joan Didion, Abigail Thomas, and Writing Lists, Memos, Messages

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In the past two days, I have written the following: ·  Numerous text and e-mail responses. ·  Numerous text and e-mail correspondences.       ·  Two hand-written notes to send in the mail. One to my son. One to the mail lady. ·  Messages on two birthday cards. ·  Lengthy responses to an application to speak at a TEDx event. ·  An e-mail to administration … Read More

Family Momentum II

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Shortly after my daughter’s sixteenth birthday party, my oldest son and I loaded the last few items into his car and headed out on the long journey to college. I must say, a little worry tugged at me. You see, he inherited my stubborn and self-willed genetic traits. What if we don’t get along? How are we going to survive … Read More