What’s an Annah-ism

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What’s an Annah-ism, you ask?


I am notorious for mixing metaphors, continents, and timeframes.


You know how it is when traveling to a foreign land, no matter how hard you try to understand the cultural idiosyncrasies and allegories, they just don’t make sense?


Well, I’m like a tourist in my own native land.


Over the years, I’ve had quite a few doozies.


As a writer, I’m constantly relying on Warren or Google to verify or explain this expression or that analogy.


And despite the chuckles that follow these little speech mishaps, I thank my lucky charms that my children didn’t inherit an affinity for these magically delicious howlers…


I’m also indebted to Big Guy, who came up with that Annah-ism all on his own, when I asked for something I might mix up with “Thanking my lucky stars…”

Smart and handsome and funny, that boy of mine!

What better way to commemorate this quirky side of me than by sharing it with you.

And to all those founders of said butchered verbiage, especially to Shakespeare, whom I’m quite sure I caused to roll over in his grave, all I can say is…laugh with the punches…
The #1 Annah-ism of all time?

(to date, of course…)
It happened.
In the kitchen. (I can’t make this shit up.)
With Beauty and one of her friends.
I was talking with them about some disagreeable thing or another when it came spewing from my mouth…
“There’s something wrong in Denver.”

With love and a bit of laughter for you, my magical friends…

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