PB & U

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Journeyer, so much to report from this past week! The work issue still stinks and two different law firms have said that, though what my supervisor did wasn’t legal, there’s not really anything they can do to help… So, guess what I decided to do? I’m going back to my union for their recommendation, which will likely entail a meeting … Read More

Leading the Way

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   I took this photo of the staircase in Independence Hall, Philadelphia   Phew, Journeyer, has it ever been a whirlwind week! Traveling has a way of putting sails beneath our time, and I’ve been hitting the highways and skyways for sure. After returning from Hay House’s writing workshop in Denver, I spent Tuesday finishing last week’s Happy Happens piece, … Read More

All Shook Up

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Proverbial Shit has been knocking on my door this week, Journeyer. Nagging nuisances that just sort of make us feel icky and ornery and rundown. Three words to kick it off: Snow. SNOW! (EVER-LOVIN’-F-IN’) SNOW!! This is on the hood of Warren’s truck!  And leaving for work in more subzero temperatures that dipped to MINUS TWENTY!   What’s all this … Read More

Date Night, Dessert, and AC/DC

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It’s been a busy and dark and freaking COLD week here in the northeast! A week of learning curves and tax preparations and eye rolling and frozen fingers and shivering… But, you know what I say, it’s the sole purpose for this Happy Happens column: Just like the proverbial shit happens, so does happy! All we have to do is … Read More


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Yesterday, I spent a gloriously exhausting day at a TEDx event, where I met with many wonderfully new and exciting ideas and people. One speech brought together those two entities in the form of a single word: Paesano. Paesano, as he told us, literally translates to countrymen or villager, but the truest essence of what it represents is friend. Not … Read More

What if…

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I had the most amazing experience Friday night. I was sifting through mail, unfollowing a number of Facebook posts because e-mail notifications were blowing up my inbox, and just sort of enjoying a quiet night alone since Hubby is out of town. He and some buddies have been planning a fourteen-day elk hunt for almost a year now. In our twenty-seven … Read More

A Medley of Food, Fun, Healing, and Health

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I’ve been writing furiously these past few weeks.   Sadly those thoughts haven’t made their way from the scraps of paper or my note journal to this blog. I’ve felt some anxiety. Why aren’t you writing, Annah? Why are you putting other things before your passion? All the research says that if you don’t write on a regular basis, people … Read More