Hallelujah! – Feedburner Fixed, I’m Not Sad Anymore, & Exciting News!!

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On May 16, 2013, I not only wrote about my epic sadness, I posted those snotty-nosed feelings on this blog.

Well, Journeyer, let me just tell you what happened.

I’d love to say that thousands of people reached out to comfort me, that Oprah called to ask me on the show, or Ellen e-mailed to invite me to dance with her or just told me some silly joke that made me smile and ended those blues.

But nooooooo,

That’s not how it went down. At all.

That sad shit has been reaching out and touching me in all kinds of haunting ways since.

First, don’t ask me what happened, but my computer had one of those Word seizures, shutting down and rebooting and putting I’m Sad in one of those little side boxes that says, Hey, I saved your ass. Here’s your file.

A few days later I did a quick search for the file because clicking that little blue ball is so much easier than scrolling through all those file names. Guess what? That file wasn’t there. Search said it didn’t exist.

So I went in and scanned the titles until I found it and pulled it up that way, but for God only knows how long, that’s how I had to access that post.

And then, if that weren’t nuisance enough, I started noticing that when I commented on other sites, that little bubble came up with “Annah Elizabeth recently posted I’m Sad.”

And then I noticed the posts weren’t updating to my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

At first I thought there was just a delay in the syndication, but by June I knew there was a problem.

I troubleshooted Networked blogs. All fine. But still SAD.

I spent days searching forums, deleting and recreating my networkedblogs account, and stumbling along to no avail.

I asked for help in tweets and on Facebook and on help forums.


Honestly, I started commenting that “I’m not SAD anymore” and then sometime in July or August I just started un-checking those buttons that ask if I want to include my recent posts, and if I’ve encountered a site that didn’t let me undo that SADNESS, then I abandoned my comment.

Who wants to be epically SAD for three or six or nine months?

So, finally today, while working on my next bit of really exciting news, I had to address it. Again!

The last thing I wanted to think about on top of all this sinus pressure that’s been pressing against the entire top of my head for three days was that SAD stuff.

Thank you Google…after several searches that led me to RSS feed stuff and creating an unnecessary account with some rss feed site, I found something that sent me to the site to test my feedburner feed, which led me to this help page, which led me to this site which helped me get over being SAD like no one has ever helped me before.

Okay, almost that profound…

Step 4, Journeyer. STEP 4 (remember that if you’re having feedburner problems) gave me the most user-friendly instructions, which include the simplest fix.

All I had to do was copy and paste fourteen itty-bitty letters to the end of my feedburner code.

Something so simple was equally that profound.

Voila! SADNESS gone.

I have to tell you that the Happy I was going to share just seems to pale in contrast to this exciting event!

I am downright euphoric!!!!


The cyberworld has been trying to tell me I’M SAD for nine months, but after hour a few short hours this morning, I solved that dilemma.

So, there’s a lesson or two here: 1. Don’t ever let anything or anyone lead you to believe that you have to be eternally sad, and 2. If something doesn’t work, just keep trying something different. Eventually you’ll stumble upon just the right combination that you need.

That sort of segues me into what I was going to write about.

I’ve some exciting news, Journeyer.

The Five Facets is finally official! After kicking around in my brain for more than a decade, after four years of blogging and writing about it, after the past twelve months of really honing in on what this philosophy is, after defining it and its audience and then redefining it some more, I finally took the plunge.

We are now not only an official business with official business checks (thanks to modern technology, they’re even sporting our logo!), we are now an official and officially copyrighted WEBSITE!

That’s right, everything The Five Facets is now at www.thefivefacets.com.

Now, I’ve only had about twelve hours of sleep this weekend because I just couldn’t contain my excitement and enthusiasm and the awe of watching this site come together one box at a time.

The site is pretty well done but I haven’t completed all of The Five Facets Philosophy elements.

So here’s what I’ve decided to do, since I can’t keep it in anymore!

I’m going to go ahead and publish the site.

 The first of those five elements, The 5 D’s is done!

My next posts will be the release of each new step in The Five Facets of Healing process.

I can’t wait for all of The Five Facets components to finally make their debut!

My greatest wish is that they will bring you some measure of the inspiration they’ve brought me throughout all these years.

So, now I need to get back to the last few tasks on that development project!

And now, for the simpler moments that brought me an equal measure of joy this past week…

Warren found a really good Ebay deal on a used pool table; I actually wrote last week’s post on the drive to NJ to pick it up.

A few of Big Guy’s friends met us back at the house to help get it upstairs and all set up, and then they all hung out.

Nothing warms this mama’s heart more than hearing the laughter and joy of my children and their friends.

These young men are just an exceptional group, polite and friendly and kind and conscientious students and so full of fun and life’s vigor.

Not only did I enjoy last week’s winter break from work, I thoroughly found pleasure in the comings and goings of my son’s friends.

And with that time off, I managed to take care of many little tasks that I’d been putting off, as well as some of the bigger ones, like wading through the copyright stuff for Digging for the Light.

But it’s done, Journeyer, and the print copy is ready to be mailed to the Library of Congress!

Last night Warren and I attended a fiftieth birthday party for one of our friends that helped me ring in my next decade!

And today, well, I’m plugging away on that website development and am also all ready to entertain Warren’s family and friends as we help her celebrate her birthday!

The lasagna’s ready to bake, and thanks to Marie Callender we have one of Mom’s favorite desserts, a freshly baked berry pie.

Well, Friends, it’s 9:59 PM; dinner and dishes and the last website touches (for tonight) are done!

Seeing as the alarm will go off at 5:30 in the morning, I must retire, but I promise to come back this week to add the images to this post.

Until then, I wish you wellness and warmth in the coming days, and encourage you to capture at least one of those Moments that make you smile for feel even the slightest bit of respite or joy.

And lastly, I challenge you to come back here next week and share that event(s) with us!

Night, Journeyer…sweet dreams…

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