Over the Moon

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Did you see the Harvest Moon this week, Journeyers?!

Warren and I were taking Thunder for a walk when this glorious ball started her ascent over the hills.

A friend of mine laughs at how much delight I take from nature’s beauty, but honestly, who isn’t mesmerized by such grandeur?

Though I can’t take credit for the image, my itty-bitty iPhone just wasn’t powerful enough, this is exactly what I saw!

On another walk, I spotted the first two acorns I’ve seen this year.
Look how well-shaped the tip is on the bottom of the one, and to think that it fell how many feet?!
People are kind of like that, too, we can fall down hard but end up landing on our feet pretty much intact.
I’m also excited that one of my loyal readers not only liked my It’s Time piece, she left a comment and then applied the message into her life.
That’s the best kind of praise any of us can hope for.
I couldn’t help but smile when I noticed I used the phrase over the moon there, too!
I never use that expression, Journeyers.
On another note, though I’m frustrated that my guilty pleasure Candy Crush Saga app keeps losing its Facebook connection, which doesn’t let me use those fun little cheats, I’m happy to report that I’ve now conquered level 102.
And speaking of connections, I’d like to pay special recognition to a company that offered me some of the best customer service I’ve received in years.
Living in a valley, we are one of the few (though among more than you’d think) people who don’t have cell service at home.
When company comes, I joke that the world (Cable, Cell, DSL) starts a mile down the road.
Thankfully technology knows how to take care of people like us by giving us satellite television and boosters.
Last December, after two years of on-and-off research, I finally found Wilson Electronics and this product which allows us to receive and send text messages, and most days we can make and receive calls, too!

I know you city folk might find this hard to believe, but I swear every word of it’s the awful truth!
Well, about ten days ago, our ability to transmit cellular data from home became non-existent.
When I phoned the company, Andrew was helpful and knowledgeable and articulate and diagnosed the malfunction quickly.
Not only that, but they are replacing the product under warranty, exactly as stated in their brochure, no hassles or headaches or arguments.
I think they deserve some props for a fine job!
Not to mention that it makes me feel so much better to share happy feelings with someone; I’d much rather spend my time spreading compliments than complaints!
And lastly, I’m so excited for Warren and me, for we’ve each reached new milestones on our journey to becoming healthier and losing weight. Warren hit the twenty pound mark and I have lost fifteen pounds!

The number on the scale is nothing but a benchmark; the greatest pleasure is in the fact that our clothes are fitting and feeling better on us and we are actually noticing the change in our energy levels.
Not to mention that we are doing this together, Friends, it’s so much easier now that me and my partner are on the same page…
What about you, Journeyers? What Moment(s) brought a sense of peace or joy or fulfillment to your day(s) this week?

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