Over the Moon

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  Did you see the Harvest Moon this week, Journeyers?! Warren and I were taking Thunder for a walk when this glorious ball started her ascent over the hills. A friend of mine laughs at how much delight I take from nature’s beauty, but honestly, who isn’t mesmerized by such grandeur? Though I can’t take credit for the image, my … Read More

Going for It

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 Earlier this summer, Hubby surprised me with this little gift.   This brilliant little sea turtle, and creatureOf the deep Is a special gift from me to you, and your To keep. To give you courage to do the things you Want without doubt, Because even a turtle can’t get anywhere Without sticking its neck out! Written and printed by Thoughtful … Read More

On Living in the Present

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Two days ago I had an epiphany: I’ve been living in the past. And I had no clue because I had cloaked the behavior in a thick veil of distorted language. I was thinking about how relationships with my friends have changed in recent years. How we are all at different emotional, physical, and social stages in our lives. How … Read More

On Failure, Fat, and Hope

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I recently saw a commercial for the upcoming Biggest Loser series. A quick blip of a girl with a weightlifting bar overheard flashed on the screen and I heard her say, “I used to be an Olympic Weightlifter.” I used to be a swimmer and a diver and an equestrian, I thought. And, as a teenager, some seventy-five pounds lighter … Read More

The Fat Lady Has Sung: Part I

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We have a five-foot-by-three-foot mirror over the double sink in our bathroom. My husband was correct when he said the mirror would make the bathroom look bigger. Needless to say, I wasn’t too keen on the idea, when he suggested the addition as part of the remodeling project, because I was at the heaviest weight I’d ever been. I can … Read More