Going for It

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 Earlier this summer, Hubby surprised me with this little gift.
This brilliant little sea turtle, and creature
Of the deep
Is a special gift from me to you, and your
To keep.
To give you courage to do the things you
Want without doubt,
Because even a turtle can’t get anywhere
Without sticking its neck out!
Written and printed by Thoughtful Little Angels
Warren has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and he’s been a huge supporter of my writing and The Five Facets, even knowing that some of this work divulges his mistakes and that it may never even put a gallon of milk in the fridge.
When I submitted Our Roots, A letter to my husband after his second affair to The Good Men Project, a few people criticized me, not for the essay, but for staying in the marriage. Several indicated that I am a helpless victim and a female who is holding women back.
Warren’s gifts of encouragement are but one more reason I’ve stayed to fight one of the greatest fights of my life…
I keep close this little reminder to always follow my heart, on my desk, right beside my keyboard.
It’s the last week before I go back to work, Journeyers, and I must say, not only was it packed with pleasurable moments, I think I’ve made pretty good use of the time left.
This week’s joyful moments all seem to be a reflection of courage and bravery and people going for it, so it just seems fitting that my little turtle headline this week’s Happy…
I started this little wall of mementos the first time we traveled abroad for one of Fave’s sporting events. Each time he travels, he brings me home a new piece. This week I remembered to purchase a new box of hangers so I could add the latest souvenir from Venezuela.

We attended the wedding of a girl who began volunteering at our fall festivals when she was nine years old. She helped us out for several years, until that work ended when a fire claimed our business and reduced our seventy-five-hundred-square-foot store to a pile of ash and rubble.
I did a short stint last weekend, one that took me to a Revolutionary War Reenactment, where community old and young alike get a glimpse into the lives of those soldiers who fought for our earliest liberties.
Though the thought of war itself doesn’t make me happy, I thoroughly enjoyed mingling with the passionate reenactors, those who replayed the lives and roles of some of our forefathers who weren’t afraid to fight for justice, those who went for It. Freedom. Theirs, ours, and the many generations to come…
It’s been fifteen years or better, since we took our kids. This year they allowed spectators to be up close and personal during the woods skirmishes.
Check out these shots!
Warren and I have spent the last month trying to lose a little of the weight that we’ve put on over the course of our marriage. For the first time we are actually in sync, with both of us working toward the same goal, and supporting one another in that endeavor.
These two dishes were particularly satisfying!
Journeyers, I HAVE to share with you the pasta recipe. It was a spontaneous and creative concoction that turned into a bit of culinary divine.
I sautéed a sizeable pinch of garlic, chopped fresh mushrooms, fresh baby spinach, a tablespoon of olive bruschetta, and a smattering of grated Parmesan in a tablespoon of wild mushroom and sage olive oil. I cooked it on high, dousing the pan with frequent splashes of freshly brewed green tea to keep it from burning. I cooked the pasta, drained it, then added the vegetable mixture.
Oh!, the aroma that wafted through the house!
The pork was a lean cut of tenderloin from our selection that Warren purchases whole, slices, treats with various rubs, spices and marinades, and then freezes.
My mouth is still watering, Journeyers…
And the best news is that Warren and I each reached our first significant milestones this week. He has lost fifteen pounds and I have shed twelve!
Warren, Big Guy, and I went out for a rare treat to the movie theatre. Warren knows how much I love Jodie Foster and suggested we go see Elysium.
Jodie is one of my favorite actresses and one of those people at the top of my list of persons I’d like to cop a squat with, anywhere and anytime of day, and have a good ole friendly, get-to-know-you conversation.
Why? Because I once saw an interview where she, one of the most gifted actors of all time, shared the fact that she’s just like you and me and the-girl-that-lives-next-door. She has fears and vulnerabilities and doubts and insecurities and keeps living day in and day out, just like us everyday folk…

That little bit of raw footage was one of the first times I remember thinking, Wow…if she shares these same feelings I have, but is clearly going for it, living out her hopes and dreams and being so bloody successful at it, then maybe I can, too…

And my apologies to those who sat around me for, yes, that was the light from my little iPhone, snapping the picture for this post…

But here’s the most glorious, happiest highlight of my week, Journeyers.

I took yet another fearless leap this week!

I completed an outline for The Five Facets’ professional development seminar I’ve been thinking about for years. I sent out six letters to friends and associates I have in the medical profession.

“Medical personnel, though trained to treat the patient, bring to the table their own losses, both big and small, and their own conflicts surrounding suffering. If we can help those on the frontlines of pain understand the complex nature of healing, we afford them greater opportunity for success in coping with the atrocities they face day in and day out.”

Ever more exciting—can you stand it?!—is this…

The Five Facets and I are USPS official. The clerk picked out #93 and asked me to look at the location of the boxes to see if the height and location were suitable. When I spotted #5 tight against the far end of the wall, I couldn’t help but ask the question, Journeyers, and I felt damn-near giddy when she told me the box was not in use and was mine for the taking…

There’s one final bit of news, Journeyers, one that could use a little bit of your magic.

You see, an old friend contacted me yesterday to catch up. Each of our dreams were in their infancy stages when we met all those years ago. As I told her about the progress I’ve made recently, she asked me if I’ve ever heard of TED.

I told her I had, that I’d missed the application process for our newly formed TEDx event, and that if she knew of any contacts that might be an In into the By Invitation Only groups in her Syracuse area to let me know.

Guys! You won’t believe this, but she posed the question because she received a listserv notice, just a week ago, that TEDxCortland is looking for speakers.

That’s where you come in, my magical friends. If you believe in the merits of my work, if you find me or my words to be inspiring, will you please send your Happy thoughts out into the world, more specifically toward the City of Cortland?

And share me, will you, please? Click on those little icons at the bottom for Facebook and Twitter and Google+ and all those other social media sites. Help spread my messages of hope and encouragement. Magic happens when we network and share each other’s moments with one another.

Do you remember the piece of how I found luck in the midst of some of life’s greatest shit? I love the notion that there can be luck in misfortune, if we’re willing to keep our eyes tuned to it. I’d really like to bring that message to the bigger stage, Friends. So I’m going for it!

I’d like to close by wishing Diana Nyad, a sixty-some-year-old who is making her fifth attempt to swim between the coasts of Cuba and Florida, a round of applause! She’s learned something from each of her previous attempts and continues to go for it! GOOD LUCK AND WELL WISHES, DIANA!!

How about you? Share your story of going for something here and spread a little love and courage and joy!

Hugs and healing, Journeyers,


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