Chocolate is Salad, Happiness is a Smorgasbord

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! Right now, we’re returning from an out-of-town trip for Big Guy. I have to say that in this moment, as Warren drives through intermittent freezing rain and snow, I’m grateful that my boy doesn’t have use of his license right now. Chuckle… I guess there really are two sides to nearly every emotion… My youngest was driving … Read More

Field of Dreams

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  Journeyer, do you know that feeling you get when you are able to something that brings another person joy? The warmth that envelops you and the smile that practically makes your jaws ache? On Thursday, Warren and I were a part of something so simple, and yet, something so profound for another young couple. You know that rehabbed house … Read More

It’s Random…Joy

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A week of simple pleasures… This pair of boots packs a double smile! One because they are warm and uber comfy… And two because they were a gift from Beauty, who rescued them from a college roommate who was going to discard the never worn footwear! I will forever be both curious about and in awe of life’s simple brilliance…This…this … Read More

Loving the Skin I’m In

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My week began with number five in the Soon-to-be-50 series of fun my mother’s been sending me.     She even managed to inject a little more humor into Warren’s birthday celebration! At the ugly (as in I can’t believe I’m up at this time of day!) hour of pre-dawn, there’s nothing that gives this Night Owl a Good-Morning-Pick-Me-Up like … Read More

Feeding My Near-Fifty Happy

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These are some of the Moments that fed my happy this week. Big Guy came home from school with a big smile on his face and this carnation. He was one of only eighteen students from the junior and senior classes of his high school to be accepted into our local National Honor Society chapter. I am often reminded how … Read More

Over the Moon

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  Did you see the Harvest Moon this week, Journeyers?! Warren and I were taking Thunder for a walk when this glorious ball started her ascent over the hills. A friend of mine laughs at how much delight I take from nature’s beauty, but honestly, who isn’t mesmerized by such grandeur? Though I can’t take credit for the image, my … Read More

Some Happy S’s

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Journeyers, I have no clue what happened to the post I started on Saturday, but it has disappeared into some vast and unknown place! My Microsoft Office Word keeps crashing… It usually will come up with one of those left-border recovery messages, but not this time! So, as I’m already a day late, have a million and two other things … Read More