Some Happy S’s

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Journeyers, I have no clue what happened to the post I started on Saturday, but it has disappeared into some vast and unknown place!

My Microsoft Office Word keeps crashing…

It usually will come up with one of those left-border recovery messages, but not this time!

So, as I’m already a day late, have a million and two other things to do today, and a date with Hubby and Big Guy, I’m going to leave most of the joy to your imagination.

Here are a few highlights from last week’s Happy!

A new, super-plush and oh-so-comfy bath mat…
An adult night out with Hubby and friends…

Helping some other friends celebrate their twins’ seventh birthdays… Oh, Silly String!
Are you a part of this I-made-it-to-a-new-level INSANITY?!

Homegrown in Fave’s girlfriend’s grandmother’s garden, I sprinkled this desliciosness with Monterey steak seasoning, then sautéed in a Cayenne and Wild Mushroom olive oil blend.
And last but not least…
Now, where did I put all those glasses?

What about you, Journeyers? What little bit of Silly, Smooth, Scrumptious, or Softness added a little bit of Happy to your week? Share it here and spread the joy!
Hoping your week is as magical as you are, Friends!



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