A Mother’s Day Tragedy and a Birth-Death Day Celebration

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Dear Neighbor, Twenty-eight years ago, a miracle happened when a child was born. When you think about everything that must occur prior to any birth, the precise nature of so many scientific details, every delivery is miraculous. When I began writing this post, I realized that twenty-eight years ago, at the exact same hour, I was timing and logging contractions … Read More

What Kind of Mother?

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  Two a.m. Twenty-four years ago. One of the most equally exciting and excruciating times of my life began: Child labor. Some thirteen hours later, time that included sleep in spits and spurts, the timing and logging of contraction intensity and duration, a full breakfast, and a walk in the overcast, cold and drizzling day, my firstborn arrived into this … Read More

Some Happy S’s

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Journeyers, I have no clue what happened to the post I started on Saturday, but it has disappeared into some vast and unknown place! My Microsoft Office Word keeps crashing… It usually will come up with one of those left-border recovery messages, but not this time! So, as I’m already a day late, have a million and two other things … Read More

Motherhood and a Week of Wondrous Moments

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“The story of a mother’s life: Trapped between a scream and a hug.” ~Cathy Guisewite  Twenty-three years ago, today, I lay broken in a hospital bed. Forty-eight hours after giving birth to my firstborn. My room was filled with brightly colored flowers, symbols of celebration and sadness. I wailed when I opened the Mother’s Day card a friend sent … Read More

Trash, Twenty-Three Candles, Heavenly Hugs, and a Pizza

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Today, we celebrated my eldest’s twenty-third birthday. For some reason, this one is the most dreamlike. Big Guy, Warren, and I sat in the hot tub last night, figuring out how we were going to shape Gavin’s special day. I’ve been listening all week to advertisements for our city’s annual, Downtown cleanup event. I’ve accompanied my children and swept many … Read More

Moments II

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* first published January 11, 2011 * I have needed today.I have looked forward to today.I don’t spend enough days devoted to pampering myself.How many of us do?Yesterday I toiled and worked and slaved at my computer, preparing for year-end. Papers up the wazoo.Though I felt a great sense of elation when I checked off giant piles of receipts that … Read More

A Bittersweet Birthday

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Last month I received a Save the Date notice from a friend whose son was born exactly one week before Gavin. I couldn’t help but smile at how rugged and manly this young man has become. How handsome he was standing next to his glowing bride-to-be. And then, a fleeting sadness passed over me. Ha… Each thought of Gavin’s birthday—today—has … Read More

Sweet Tart Tears

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           Original post from May 11, which disappeared from this blog… Today marks my oldest son’s twenty-first birthday, that magic American number, our vision of ultimate freedom. I have had this day planned for weeks, but as I sit here, I cannot seem to find my stride. My every intention has been to celebrate this day. I ordered a surprise for … Read More