Feeding My Near-Fifty Happy

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These are some of the Moments that fed my happy this week.

Big Guy came home from school with a big smile on his face and this carnation.

He was one of only eighteen students from the junior and senior classes of his high school to be accepted into our local National Honor Society chapter.

I am often reminded how blessed I am to have three children who took what Warren and I had to offer as parents and ran with it, children who have prevailed despite a great deal of turmoil that existed during their growing up years.

I am humbled by their grace and their commitments to community, to compassion, and to their own lives, and though I cherish all of the moments we have together, I am doubly happy when they are joyful.

In addition to watching my children’s hard work paying off, I’ve spent this week putting thought to paper for my TEDxSFA speech and pondering how quickly all of the work I’ve been doing with The Five Facetsis coming together.

I’ve been making connections and putting myself out there on this blog, on other online blog sites, on online radio shows.

I’ve been warmly received by many, and I’ve also been turned down, like last Friday morning when I heard back from organizers that my piece wasn’t selected for their upcoming book compilation on child loss.

The call for entries to the Three Minus Onestory collection received over six-hundred submissions, and no doubt, the eighty-some stories they selected will be of great comfort to many.

I was disheartened, yet refused to be daunted, for I always believe that something else will materialize, possibly an even greater opportunity.

Though I would have loved it if my piece had been chosen for the book, I’m still over the moon with excitement for the upcoming TEDxSFA event and my presentation, which I’ve been diligently musing about and writing on.

Given the title of that speech, The Power of “What if” to Heal Grief, this sparkly reflection that showed up on the wall of my foyer last week couldn’t have been more appropriate!

In addition to the TEDx excitement, do you remember when I wrote about FiveFabulous Things?
I’m not going to say too much right now, but…several weeks ago I contacted a friend of a friend of a friend who’s had a recent association with a national figure, someone who does great things in the field of loss.
When I didn’t hear back, I just kept moving onto the next item on my list of potential Five Facets collaborations.
Friday evening, just as Warren and I were headed out the door for a date night, the phone rang, and on the other end of the line was the person I’d reached out to.
Not only is she “very much aware” of Kübler-Ross’ Five Stages of Grief, she was super excited about my work on healing and she told me to send her information and she’d gladly forward it on.
Cross your fingers and toes for me, Journeyers, and send out positive vibes that I might craft an attention-grabbing pitch and proposal that this person just has to hear more about!
Being over-energized can be just as detrimental to our health as being depressed or lifeless, for our bodies need good, quiet and productive rest.
One of the ways I decompress is…yep, it’s another Candy Crush Saga update…


I spent an entire week on Level 140, but am happy to report that it is all behind me now…

Speaking of behinds, Hubby and I are still plugging away at losing weight and living healthier lives.

My dedication to this endeavor has not only earned me a twenty-three-point-eight pound weight loss to-date, it’s also giving me back my curves.

But I think I’ll spare you the photo of my ass…

One of the things Geneen Roth talks about in her book, Women, Food, and God, is taking the time to taste what we’re eating.

I must say, I enjoyed every mouth-watering morsel of this stuffed shrimp lunch-sized-portioned-meal, one small forkful at a time…

And, rounding out the week was a third soon-to-be-fifty birthday card from my mother.

I don’t know who’s having more fun, her or me!
And, speaking of birthdays, a special shout-out to Fave on his 22nd birthday!
What about you? What Moment(s) fed your happy this week? Share them here!
Hugs and healing, Journeyers!

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