Holiday Healing Tips: On Happiness and Setting Boundaries

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“The Holidays” are associated with any things, one of the most prevalent being gift giving. For those of us who enjoy giving meaningful gifts that will bring joy to the recipient, celebratory events can add extra demands on our time and energy. Toss in the effects of conflict and grief due to some life loss event and the holidays can … Read More

Healing and the Two Sides of Darkness

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Winter is well underway, Journeyer, and Seasonal Affective Disorder looms over many of our heads. This post I wrote a year ago was wildly popular and I can only surmise it is because there are many thousands of us whose bodies don’t work quite right during those winter days and months of shortened daylight. May you find some modicum of … Read More

The Art of Life Spilled Over

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer, This past week I opened the microwave door to find my lunch bowl of oatmeal boiled over. Already running late, I could easily have gotten all upset about the necessity to now do a little cleaning before I returned to work. There might have been a second of irritation before I noticed the artistic patterns that formed … Read More

One Day at a Time

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! Life is as life does; a perpetual ebb and flow of darkness and sunshine. And so it continues…the work saga that incites fear and insecurity and a continuous feeling of unsettledness… And so it continues…my dedication to Step 5 of The Five Steps of Healing…Choose Vitality. I attempt to choose vitality each and every day, Journeyer, to … Read More

The Heart of a Week

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Journeyer! Yesterday I went for a haircut trim before next weekend’s BIG EVENT! Need tickets? Get yours here! This salon is on the second floor of an old building that was originally a local theater! The hardwood floors and the stage are still intact! At the top of the stairs next to the over-sized, barn-style doors is this … Read More


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Dear Journeyer, Sometimes we find ourselves swept up in day-to-day drudgery, dreams, and drama. This past week was filled with all of those. I spent most of the week catching up after being away at the National Grief and Hope Convention. Some of those activities included minutia like unpacking, doing laundry, putting away shoes and suitcases… There were pleasant doings … Read More

PB & U

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Journeyer, so much to report from this past week! The work issue still stinks and two different law firms have said that, though what my supervisor did wasn’t legal, there’s not really anything they can do to help… So, guess what I decided to do? I’m going back to my union for their recommendation, which will likely entail a meeting … Read More

Christmastime Magic

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  It’s my favorite time of year, Journeyers. And for the first time ever I got to spend a little bit of it in one of my most favorite places: New York City. I spent one glorious, snowy, and blustery Saturday with four fabulous women and one incredibly delightful fifth grader. There were so many magical moments that fed my … Read More