Loving the Skin I’m In

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My week began with number five in the Soon-to-be-50 series of fun my mother’s been sending me.
She even managed to inject a little more humor into Warren’s birthday celebration!
At the ugly (as in I can’t believe I’m up at this time of day!) hour of pre-dawn, there’s nothing that gives this Night Owl a Good-Morning-Pick-Me-Up like a pretty sky, and this sunrise couldn’t have been any more mesmerizing.
And, speaking of beauty, Dove has a way of touching all the right places, don’t they?
This recent #WeAreBeautiful campaignleft me…(near) speechless…


Thank you, Dove, for your continued inspiration and the reminders that beauty is a state of mind…
Speaking of body image, this couldn’t have come at a more opportune time…
You know I’ve sort of been celebrating my weight loss markers, but the past two weeks have been a bit rough.
I don’t know if it’s been my hormones, the rising full moon, the shrinking light in our days, or just lack of conscientiousness, but I’ve been eating with reckless abandon, and all the wrong kinds of foods, like half a jar of roasted peanuts and peanut butter pretzels by the handfuls, and my Achilles heel…bread…
I can’t tell you how much it warmed my heart when Big Guy announced that he wanted to contribute something to our dinner the other night.

He’s taking a Food & Nutrition class this semester and was so excited about these cheddar biscuits he’d learned to make.
Given my recent weakness for all the wrong foods, I was happy that I stuck to only one biscuit, even if my plan to enjoy it over a few meals failed…
As I’ve watched the number on the scale rise, I’ve been working hard to love the skin I’m in, and to keep that giant hammer stashed away.
And speaking of treating myself well, I’m so happy to tell you that my first written and audio drafts have been sent off to the TEDxSFA team!
I had such a feeling of accomplishment when I hit that Sendbutton, two weeks ahead of schedule!

I spent almost twelve hours editing and doing run-throughs on the components yesterday, figuring out those little glitches that read fluently but somehow are sticking points when we are speaking those same words out loud.

And the shower and the shaving of my legs and the putting on of clothes felt that much more refreshing at the end of the day.

Afterward, I spent a few hours visiting with and watching the all-new The Christmas Ornament with a friend who loves Hallmark TV even more than I do.

Cameron Mathison and Kellie Martin are soooo good together!

Unlike that biscuit, I didn’t stop at one. I watched a marathon of these feel-good holiday movies.

And to round out the week?
I finished Level 155, Journeyers, just before sitting down to write this post.
Who cannot feel happy with this sort of silly and fun encouragement from an interactive game?
And now, I’m off to re-start a good habit and take me and the dog for a walk, before the rain starts.
Heck, if I don’t beat the sprinkles, maybe I’ll change it up and walk, anyway! Maybe I’ll find it to be an emotional cleansing, just like this Happy Happens guest poster from Dreams and Colour did.
Then I’m preparing a healthy snack to take when I meet up with some people I recently met, some of who might just be paesanos
What Moment(s) fed your happy this week? Spread a little healing energy and share your joyful flash(es) here!


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