Symbols of Sweet Success

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 “Is it a resume that defines success?”

It’s a question Counselor Hank posed to me during one of our sessions, some eight years ago.

I was lamenting my concerns about an impending job move and how the multiple transitions I’d made in previous years was going to appear to prospective employers.

A resume is, after all, a window into who we are as humans.

Are we loyal or transient?

Flighty or Stable? Dependable?

Are we professional?

Classy or Clumsy?

Right? Who and where and what and when are all indicators of our personal characteristics.

But here’s the thing: sometimes that window is cloudy and covered with life’s grime, with the suit and toxic waste created by a fire so bloody hot that it reduces everything in its presence to ash and rubble.

That sort of inferno derailed Warren’s and my dreams of building a successful, solid and sustainable farm business, one that we could pass on to our children, who might want to carry on the family legacy, who would continue to build and grow and adapt the business and then pass it on to their children, who would pass it on…

The plot of land Warren purchased for his orchard had been a fourth generation dairy farm, as if the legacy of tradition had been coded into the land itself.

Though I hadn’t set out my life’s course to be a farmer, I found a way to blend my talents and interests into the business and make it work.

Together Warren and I were quickly rising to Success.

Within a few short years our little Mom & Pop place had become a household name and we were firmly lodged as an integral part of family tradition.

A couple of months ago I bumped into a young man in his twenties who recounted several stories from his family’s bank of fond memories of their trips to our farm.

On the surface, a 70’x110’ concrete slab is the only thing left of that establishment.

Fourteen years later and operating in a completely different, non-public capacity, that business, the fruits of mine and Warren’s efforts, is still a success.

Today I am witnessing other forms of success.

There is little more to warm a mother’s heart and to make her feel a great sense of accomplishment than to see her children enjoying their work and their life and…well…happy…

Fave has lived his passion and the quest for his Olympic dream for going on thirteen years now.

He’s not only succeed on the stage, representing the U.S. in more than a dozen international competitions, he’s now a sought after trainer and mentor. 
Making my heart bloom with even more pride is the fact that he hasn’t forgotten his roots, Journeyers. He’s finding ways to bring his father on board, including him in his endeavors and recognizing Warren as his coach, claiming him as one of the integral components behind his success.

Warren has never been a stage hog, someone who needs to be front and center; he’s a modest doer, someone who’s willing to dig in and figure out whatever it is he needs to know to get the job done.

When Fave’s first coach had to back out two years into Fave’s goals, Warren took the necessary steps to become a high level coach and quietly mentored this talented young athlete from a room in our barn or one of our small town gyms.

Today I’ve tagged along to watch the seminar and two of my favorite men in action.

It’s no surprise that this organization and its Crossfit training program, The Outlaw Way, has a global presence.

I couldn’t help but be inspired by the energy of the coaches and the dedication and interest of everyone present.

As I looked out across the gym, I couldn’t help but notice the many elements that the trainers and their participants were utilizing: ipads and composition books for keeping notes, camera and video equipment to document the sessions for future use and evaluation, all the tools of the trade…

And check out one of the many inspirational nuggets that this gym uses to help its patrons succeed! You can’t help but smile!


But there were also other more subtle elements present, like laughter and smiles and camaraderie and dedication to craft and networking and teamwork and passion…love…love for learning…love for the work each person was doing…and a universal love that is present in people who are just generally interested in those around them…
Stretching is vital to an elite athlete’s success

All those things make me smile, Journeyers, they feed my hope and fill my heart with inspiration…

Success seemed to be a theme that wafted throughout the weekend…

from Syn, the guy who’s done a great deal of design work for Fave and helped him move forward in branding the work he’s doing…
Though he and Fave have talked on the phone for months, this weekend was the first time they’ve actually met.
Boys Bonding over a video game

This giant teddy bear introduced himself with one of the biggest and warmest hugs you can imagine, and after we realized who each other was, we shared an even bigger hug. I say there’s nothing like a good and sincere embrace.

How I failed to get a photo of his partner Raquel is beyond me! This RN and I spent a great deal of time talking about The Five Facets Philosophy and her work with at-risk teens in Harlem. I’ve no doubt she brings moments of joy to the lives of everyone she comes in contact with.

And then there was Riki and her absolutely, positively, deliciously made with love Paleo-style cookies
…and on to irresistible charm of Boomer, the gym’s and Riki’s French Bulldog mascot…
Who can resist this adorable face?!

I love finding local restaurants when we are traveling, and this quaint little joint had it all! Cozy and warm and inviting and presentation and flavor! More traits that comprise Success!

Spinach & Broccoli Stuffed Pizza

White chocolate berry brulee cheesecake… 

Other Moments that fed my happy fall nicely into this Success them, too…

Beauty’s resolve to not let her learning challenges stand in the way of her dreams keeps her succeeding and doing it well! Check out these mid-term grades, Journeyers!

And of course, being able to laugh and joke with my children always warms my heart, makes me feel like a successful parent, and makes me even happier…


A nice, frozen yogurt treat always brings delight and using my recent winnings made it that much sweeter.
Choosing from the topping buffet…

And smiles… Right? Smiles always make me happy, even when they are of the forced, “Oh, Mom, do we have to pose for anotherpicture? Can’t we just eat our yogurt in peace?”


There are so many different forms of success and so many elements that comprise accomplishment and satisfaction, don’t you agree?

Now that my work here is done, I’m off to bed early…here’s hoping a little extra sleep will kick the bug I picked up at the end of the week…

So, Journeyer, did you capture any Happy Moments last week? Inspire others and share your happy success story here!

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