Five Fabulous Things

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It’s always nice to get away for a vacation, and equally nice to return home to our beds and familiar surroundings.

In the midst of those joys is the reality of catching up on mail and bills and unpacking…

I dread the unpacking so much that I’ve been known to live out of my suitcase for weeks after a trip.

But following our recent time away, I made sure to unpack everything before I sat my rejuvenated self onto our comfy sofa.

That felt so good, no bags hanging around, reminding me of work that still needs to be done.

And speaking of work, Warren has agreed to join me in the fight against The Paperwork Piles. He’s organized and sorted the six month’s backlog, and is in the final stages of prepping the stacks for data entry.

His willingness to pitch in and help out is but one of the many reasons I love this man.

Thursday is Paperwork Day and it felt so good this week to actually see sections of my desktop and to be able to file the current day’s work, as opposed to adding to the mounded mess.

My workspace isn’t that clean yet, but this photo reminds me of what I have to look forward to, which makes me smile, as well.

Looking at my David statue brings back happy memories of our time in Italy, the miniature easel hosts a four-leaf clover painted by Fave’s girlfriend and gifted to me in honor of this essay on luck, and the bowl is an exquisite piece of art fashioned from a gourd…
Returning home from errands one night, I relished in this simple Brother-Sister bonding event.
One of our kids’ favorite pastimes, and an activity my now-young-adults have yet to outgrow, is going in search of frogs and toads.
An optimum time to find these creatures is during or after a fresh rain.
Big Guy, the sixteen-year-old who’s clocking in his many hours of behind-the-wheel training, stopped the car in the middle of our country road when he spotted the hopping creatures in front of him.
Beauty squealed with delight and the two of them scrambled out of the car and set off on foot.
Warren climbed behind the wheel to light their way and I captured the event as these two siblings frolicked in the rain and filled their shirts with amphibians of all shapes and sizes.
Home from their mile-long jaunt, they finished out the event with this ritual: Filling one of our coolers with these croakers, exclaiming about and examining the many specimens, asking me to photograph their fresh catch of the day, and then releasing God’s creatures near the creek that runs through our property.
Speaking of rain, I stumbled across this blogger who experienced an emotional cleansing after being caught in a downpour, and I smiled, for she was honoring the Happy that had happened in her life.
My week began with me trying, once again, to get back on the Health Wagon, or should I say to establish a new set of patterns.
I’ve been trying to make conscious choices to eat right and exercise more.
And I must say I did feel invigorated after my walks with the dog and the time I spent in the gym with Warren and Big Guy.
That’s me, a soon-to-be-AARP-senior-citizener, feeling pretty amazing in the bottom of a snatch lift, with fifty-three pounds overhead.
I also felt pretty spectacular after cleaning out this neglected bread drawer.
Trading in my monthly manicure and pedicure for a housekeeper to help me might just prove to have even more benefit than I’d originally hoped. I actually didn’t dread tackling this dirty little deed.
The greatest joy of my week came about as result of much hard work and a great deal of sweat: I submitted another query for my manuscript, Digging for the Light.
A query, Journeyers. The second in three months. Though that might not seem like much to you, it’s an enormous feat for me.

They say there are five degrees of separation between us and the person we’d like to connect with.
Only five people between us and a single person located anywhere in the world.
And now I’m going to do something I definitely don’t like doing, but am finding that pedaling oneself seems to be the way blogosphererslet other blogospherers know how much they really, really want you and your friends and their friends to be a part of their writing world…
If you’re a magical friend who appreciates and finds value in the work I do here, would you be so kind as to pass me along in the direction of Laurie Abkemeier over at DeFiore and Company?
Why, if you don’t think you’re connected to Laurie but might be to Sally Wofford-Girand over at Union Literary, or any other agent you think might want to work with me, please toss me in her (or his) direction.
That’d send my Happy Meter THROUGH THE ROOF!
You’ll be MY HERO and I’ll dedicate a post in honor of you and your awesomeness.
Each one of you, The Fabulous Five!
Leave a little Luv Comment below, or if you like a little anonymity, e-mail me and I’ll take care of the rest.
Or if you’d prefer, simply pass me along and let the magic find its way back to this endeavor.
No matter your involvement, you’re one of my idols just because you’re here…
And your presence always makes me a Happy Girl.
What about you? What recent Moment(s) brought a smile to your face or cleansed a little of the dirt from your soul? Share the event here and spread a little joy!
Hugs and Healing, Journeyers…
Please do share…

2 Comments on “Five Fabulous Things”

  1. I’m so behind in life and all things blogging. I was surprised- and touched- to see me mentioned on your blog! I love the way you describe my situation…emotional cleansing. I love the concept of Happy Happens! It’s the little moment of happiness that help us get through life. Hope you’re having a great week!

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting and sharing, Melissa! And I look forward to receiving your guest post! Keep those eyes peeled for more of those fleeting moments of joy. 🙂

    Hugs and healing, Journeyer!

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