Happy Happens™

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Happy Happens. Just like the proverbial shit happens, happy happens.™ Happiness, it’s definition, and the possession or the elusion of it in our lives is an age-old saga, Neighbor! I am sure that you can recite any number of quotes and cliches you’ve encountred on the subject. And something tells me you can easily conjure moments when you’ve felt happy … Read More

Signs of Spring Make Me Smile!

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Be gone boots! Hello sandals!   Can’t you feel the foot freedom?    And the sand on your soles?!       Can you think of a better way to start off Daylight Savings in the Northeast?  What Moments brought a smile to your week? Soon…  

Happy on a Hillside

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Happy Happens on a Hillside       On one of our recent errands, my son pointed out this smiling hillside.     Someone had mowed it into a long sweeping hillside, one that looks like the perfect winter sledding track. Do you see it, the mouth running along the gate? The one eye just above it? It was such … Read More

Great Balls of Fun!

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Happy happens in the pharmacy I was rushing through the drugstore when this tower caught my eye. I had an image of children tossing and catching these giant bouncy balls on a beach. And a smile crossed my face. In my usual rush, I hurried past and on out to the car, where I paused. Those balls gave me a moment of … Read More