Did Your Resolution Love You As Much As You Loved It?

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Maybe you spent months dreaming up a plan that was sure to take you to new heights or maybe you thought the exciting energy surrounding the trending new diet, exercise or self-help regimen sounded like the next best thing for you, too. Now, for whatever reason, your in-it-to-win-it spirit has turned into God-how-I-hate-this-I-just-might-puke-if…or a You-suck-you-quitter/loser/faker/despicable/[insert your whatever]-You.

Regardless of how you came to setting your resolution, it is obvious that this is more than a little slump; it is just not working for you. In fact, it could be all wrong for you. A few simple questions will help you isolate where the breakdown(s) might be and help you redirect.

How I “Got” Happiness in an Utterly Deplorable and Lacking Week

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“Happiness is a journey, not a destination; happiness is to be found along the way not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it’s too late. The time for happiness is today not tomorrow.” ~Paul H. Dunn Happy Sunday-Monday, Journeyer! You know how random life can be sometimes? How you’re plugging along all nice …

Life is Too Big for a Bag

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! Today I come to you from atop a mountain that overlooks the beautiful Lake Michigan. Yep, we’re on the road again; this time a pleasure trip to visit family and attend a wedding. Yesterday my relatives took us to some local street fairs where we picked up numerous homegrown and handmade goods. You know the type of …

Special Announcement and one Question: Do You Ever Feel Alone?

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Dear Journeyer, Do you ever feel conflicted when someone says to you, “You are not alone?” Does that expression sometimes feel contradictory? Do you ever wonder why you feel alone when there are so many people around? 5 Reasons You Feel Alone and How to Change That is for you! These are questions and experiences I felt after my son …

Total Eclipse of the Heart

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Happy Monday, Journeyer! I seem to keep missing my Sunday deadline for this Happy Happens column, but just like it’s never too late to tell someone how much you appreciate her/him, it’s also never to late to acknowledge those glorious moments–no matter how brief–that make us feel good. And honestly, after last week’s hellishness, and I do mean HELLISHNESS, I …

The Hot & Cold of It

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Happy Monday, Journeyer! As is the way with back-to-school, last week seems like a whirlwind gone by. Extra work hours trying to organize student seat assignments, assemble student rosters and pour over the data to become as familiar with the new names and faces as quickly as possible… Toss in a few counseling appointments and several writing prompts to add …