Delta at Dawn

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Happy Sunday-Monday, Journeyer!

I type this post from a packed plane on Delta flight six-two-nine, headed for Atlanta.

This day begins at an ungodly hour for me; my alarm set to go off even before the sun rose.

But that isn’t the only fatigue that has settled into every pour of my body.

Do you know that good tired we talk about? My friend who is a runner talks about how good she feels after a marathon, even though she is wiped out.

It’s that feeling when you have expended so much energy doing something that your body feels tired but your soul is satisfied.

I spent this past week rehearsing and rehearsing my material for the North Carolina Social Work Conference. Warren, bless him, helped me weigh weigh, pack, and then repack the materials my bags. I still find it amazing that paper weighs so much!

Five days, four outfits, three pair of shoes, my CPAP, and more than seventy pounds of workshop materials and books.

Due to the fifty pound weight limit, I split that between my checked bag and my carry-on, and then stuffed all of my computer/electronic/makeup items into a backpack that I strapped onto my back.

It was so funny sharing a room with my sis, who brought an entire wardrobe from which she could choose what she wanted to wear. That, Friend, is the beauty of driving somewhere.

Speaking of my Sis, I have to extend a great deal of gratitude for without her encouragement, my presentation at this event might not have happened.

Three years ago she suggested I apply to one of the organization’s conferences. I did. I was rejected.

No, wait, let me rephrase, because this is an important distinction many of us need to realize: I wasn’t rejected; my application proposal was.

On some level I recognized that because the next time she mentioned I should apply, I went out and evaluated the finer details of each of their conferences, only to discover that my work is better suited to their Fall conference.

I also examined my application responses, looking for those places I could strengthen my responses and areas in which I could ramp up the development of The Five Facets Philosophy’s details.

I asked questions and then I reapplied.

Rejection is an opportunity for us to grow, to improve, and for people like me, an opportunity to remove the personal piece that makes us feel inadequate.

I did all of that, Journeyer. I sowed the seeds that brought me future joy!

The organizer said the session capacity was 125 people and when I arrived I noted they had an overflow seating for eleven more. There were so many people that came into my room that they were sitting on the floor!

I’m delighted to report that the comments were very good and encouraging, the “what can we do to improve” provided necessary feedback to make the group activities better, and person after person remarked how much our world needs this work.

That validation topped last week’s happy.

Laughter, camaraderie, great flights on Delta airlines, a surprise card Warren tucked into my suitcase, and sunshine were other moments that helped feed my happy organ last week.

I returned home last night around six, unpacked and then began the repacking process for our trip to Houston tomorrow. Yes, it’s a bit of a whirlwind couple of weeks but I can’t complain because there are so many good things happening.

This Thanksgiving Day a group of twelve will come from all four corners of these States to watch Fave represent the good ole US of A in the World Weightlifting Championships!

I finish out this post from the passenger seat of our rusty ole trusty old van. Immediately upon leaving work I headed the two-plus hours north to pick up Big Guy and now we’re on our way back home.

He looks so good, Journeyer! Music to my ears to hear that he continues to enjoy his classes, his new friends, and is filling his physical needs by training with the track team. Oh, how we parents, especially we moms, breathe a sigh of relief when we hear our newbie college kids are doing well.

Seeing as he has a boatload of homework to finish tonight as well, I’m going to sign off without adding pics to this week’s post.

In closing, Journeyer, may you find warmth in your heart, your surroundings, or in the comfort of whatever home you are in this week. May you find at least one thing to be thankful for, one thing that draws a smile, one thing that brings you peace or gratitude…

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

On Saying Goodbye

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