Full Spring Ahead

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer,

I’ve been in a funk all day long, gorging myself on brownie bites topped with over-sized dollops of Jiffy peanut butter.

Does it get any better than comfort food?

Daylight savings time always messes with me because that whole getting up an hour earlier is bad for my psyche.

As is all the crap that continues at work.

When we’re tired, sick, overwhelmed, and depressed, it becomes harder and harder to focus on the good, to recognize those happy moments, and to think about being happy.

But here’s the thing, Journeyer, when we least feel like it is when we need it most!

The only pictures I’ve taken this week are of those repeating numbers that keep appearing and the reason I capture all of them is that I’m saving them for a future research project.

Even though I don’t have any photos to jog my memory or to share with you, when I stop what I’m doing and close my eyes, I can recall some of those fleeting events that fed my happy.

A sunrise that looked as though it were reflecting back a mirror image of itself. I’ve never seen anything like it and the only thing better than witnessing it with my own two eyes would be to have a photo to share with you!

Spring-like weather that allowed me and my neighbors to shed our winter coats!

Playing with my pup Patches. She actually smiles as she’s running her nightly racecourse through the downstairs of our house.

Fresh green shoots that are soon-to-be tulips coloring my yard in all shades of happy.

Tulip Bulbs survived the harsh 2014-2015 Winter!

Seeing Big Guy’s face when I picked him up from school and sharing meaningful conversation on the two hour drive home.

Breakfast is that boy’s favorite meal which made making him a breakfast pizza for his first morning home double pleasing.

Watching The Voice with Warren; an annual date night tradition.

Seeing Beauty’s face when she showed up today with a new car she purchased.

Her boyfriend really warmed my heart when he praised me for some simple actions while they were over today. I’ve spent my entire life trying to prove myself to Beauty and Fave whose perceptions about me were wrongly influenced by some family members; having Beauty’s boyfriend recognize my qualities just made me feel good.

Sunshine continues to grace the skies.

And lastly, though I can’t say too much, I am excited that I might have finally connected with two people who have the knowledge and the will to help resolve some of those unpleasant situations in my work life.

Sometimes happiness is nothing more than that simple feeling of satisfaction.

It looks like I’m moving full spring ahead in resolve and happiness.

What about you, Journeyer? What moment(s) made you smile, put a spring in your step, or brought you some sense of satisfaction? I want to hear from you so please tell me below!

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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2 Comments on “Full Spring Ahead”

  1. It’s been a dreadful weekend here – we’ve all been sick. But I’m happy that I got to spend some quality time with my kids…and spring is almost here.

    1. Sorry to hear you all were sick! Hopefully you’ve all recovered. A coworker who is rarely out missed all of last week with some wretched bug!

      I love quality time with my kids and it is always nice to be able to take care of them and comfort them when they’re not feeling well. Ah, how I miss those days… Happy you were able to have that time with them. 🙂

      Spring is almost here, for sure!

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