Full Spring Ahead

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer, I’ve been in a funk all day long, gorging myself on brownie bites topped with over-sized dollops of Jiffy peanut butter. Does it get any better than comfort food? Daylight savings time always messes with me because that whole getting up an hour earlier is bad for my psyche. As is all the crap that continues at … Read More


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Happy Monday eve, Journeyer! It’s been a strange week, Friends! I am one of those people doctors refer to as “fit as a fiddle” or “strong as an ox” but this past week has made me double-think those phrases! I came down with Pink Eye the Friday before we left for Beauty’s graduation. Fortunately I’ve had this once before and … Read More

Sounds of Spring!

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Outside of my office window the sky is dark and overcast. The air is calm at the moment, but a mixture of hail and rain had been beating against the windows since seven o’clock this morning. I. Am. So. Tired. Of. Winter. Not one who usually complains about the weather, I can honestly say that this year’s marathon mush has … Read More

Spring is Hatching!

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A few weeks ago I wrote about the first signs of spring I’d seen. This past week I talked about Punxsutawney Phil, the poor little groundhog that’s been flogged mercilessly in light of Winter’s lingering grip on the Northeast. Warmer weather is coming! It’s quite literally hatching. I found it Friday night at the Tractor Supply Store. Two-week old chicks … Read More

Phil (Punxsutawney) Might Not be a Fraud After All

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful… And so, so dreadful… Someone who rarely ever naps, I’ve taken a mid-day snooze nearly every day since daylight savings took effect. Between the new work assignment, which has me up a God-awful fifteen minutes earlier than ever, the pitch black hour I leave in the morning, and the wintry March weather that has … Read More

Signs of Spring Make Me Smile!

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Be gone boots! Hello sandals!   Can’t you feel the foot freedom?    And the sand on your soles?!       Can you think of a better way to start off Daylight Savings in the Northeast?  What Moments brought a smile to your week? Soon…  

Sowing Some Happiness

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  Just like I do every September, I purchased a bag of tulip bulbs for fall planting. Just like I do every year, I failed to place them in the ground before it began to harden from evening frosts. And just like every Autumn I can recall, there is always an Indian-Summer day or two. I was sure I had … Read More

Welcome to The Five Facets

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I purchased these flowers about a month ago. Winter’s long fingers seemed to be digging deeper into the soil and I needed some sunlight! Yellow. The color of cheer. I almost didn’t purchase the bundle of hope but finally decided the $15 price tag for the color it would bring to my life was definitely worth the cost. I perched … Read More