Sounds of Spring!

Annah Elizabeth2 Comments

Outside of my office window the sky is dark and overcast.

The air is calm at the moment, but a mixture of hail and rain had been beating against the windows since seven o’clock this morning.

I. Am. So. Tired. Of. Winter.

Not one who usually complains about the weather, I can honestly say that this year’s marathon mush has taken its toll on me.

Suddenly, this sound breaks into my thoughts.

And I smile…
What about you? What Happy Happens Moment(s) interrupted a Shit Happens saga of your week? Share it here and spread a little joy.

2 Comments on “Sounds of Spring!”

  1. There was a lot of “shit happens” last week, of the technology sort that makes you tear your hair out (as you realize what it’s going to cost in time and $$). But… eventually… there was some sunshine, homemade soup (helps everything), a deep breath, and realizing that some things are out of your hands and you just have to accept.

    Not easy (for me).

    Like I said, soup helps!

    And today… more sunshine.

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