Spring is Hatching!

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A few weeks ago I wrote about the first signs of spring I’d seen.

This past week I talked about Punxsutawney Phil, the poor little groundhog that’s been flogged mercilessly in light of Winter’s lingering grip on the Northeast.

Warmer weather is coming!

It’s quite literally hatching.

I found it Friday night at the Tractor Supply Store.
Two-week old chicks
I saw its signs in the green growth appearing in this pasture I passed by.

And I baked it into two batches of banana bread…


Each sight or thought of warmer weather has brought a smile to my face and given my heart a tad bit more hope: Spring conditions will soon be here!

How about you? Just like the proverbial “Shit Happens,” Happy Happens. What Moment(s) colored a part of your day or week with a little joy?

2 Comments on “Spring is Hatching!”

  1. Yeah, that shit happens thing. Then again, it makes us appreciate the extraordinary ordinary.


    My son called unexpectedly from college, and talked for a long time about a few of his current (creative) projects. It was so cool! Joy with a capital J. And other than tired, he sounded good.

  2. I love that phrase, BLW, “Extraordinary ordinary.”

    And our grown-n-flown children calling home for no reason but to say ‘hi’ and fill us in on their lives? Now that’s joy with with a capital J, O, and Y!

    Keep paying tribute to the Happy Happens Moments! 🙂

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