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Happy Monday eve, Journeyer!

It’s been a strange week, Friends!

I am one of those people doctors refer to as “fit as a fiddle” or “strong as an ox” but this past week has made me double-think those phrases!

I came down with Pink Eye the Friday before we left for Beauty’s graduation. Fortunately I’ve had this once before and remembered the symptoms, so I was able to contact my physician and start treatment immediately, thus staving off being miserable during her special day and the inevitable college dorm room emptying.

I was out sick from work last Wednesday and then yesterday afternoon I came down with body ache after body ache that finally turned into chills by dinner time. Even my skin hurt to the touch!

At least I understand why I fell asleep at my friend’s house Saturday night at the tail end of another friend’s fiftieth birthday celebration. Thank heavens they are super good friends who didn’t care that I put my head down and promptly fell into a deep slumber.

I woke this morning feeling totally drained and washed out, even after going to bed at eight-thirty last night.

Our bodies have a way of letting us know when it’s time to stop and re-fresh! I slept until almost ten this morning and then sort of sat around in a stupor until about two.

Fresh seems to be the biggest highlights of the past week…

I enjoyed a fresh hot tub soak for my sore muscles after Friday’s crazy Crossfit work out. The last component of the workout was to run a 5k or do four sets of some stuff with the medicine ball.

Refreshing Hot Tub Soak

I can do upper body workouts all day long, so I decided I needed to work on strengthening my endurance. It took my forty-five minutes and fifty-five seconds, but I’m proud to say I actually walked back in to the gym in an upright position!

Seeing as how I didn’t train for this one bit, I’m pleased with coming in only a minute longer than the powerful and inspirational Race for the Cure event I trained months for.

I came home from work one afternoon to the beautiful scent of fresh lilac blooms!Fresh Lilac Blooms with Bumblebee

It appears I wasn’t the only one who was enjoying these spring bouquets!

I finally had a chance to load Beth Nielson Chapman’s Uncovered CD onto my hard drive and enjoyed listening to her unique and soothing voice! Simple Things is one of my favorites to-date.

Fresh Sounds from Beth Nielsen Chapman

Now that we’ve successfully removed all of the items from our bedroom, closet, and ex-nursery-soon-to-be-bathroom, Warren has been hard at work gutting the room and putting up Sheetrock.

Big Guy was helping him unload building materials from the truck and on one of his trips he opened my hand and placed this little guy onto my palm.

Fresh Baby Frog on Fresh Hosta Leaves

After the critter proceeded to pee all over my hand, I released him onto the leaves of my burgeoning Hosta.

MORE SPRING!!! (Can you tell how happy I am that WINTER is GONE?! And I usually don’t mind winter.)

My mother-in-law invited us to dinner one night and prepared this exquisite bowl of fresh fruit!

Fresh Fruit

And, last, but not least, I enjoyed reading my new friend, Carol Scibelli’s book, Poor Widow Me, and then sharing a little bit of her fresh humor with Fave, who had this to say: “Haha that’s funny! I busted out laughing.”

Fresh Humor from Carol Scibelli

Sometimes all we need to take us out of that down-in-the-dumps place is a fresh look at the happy moments that are right in front of us…

What Moment(s) made you smile or brought you a fresh or healing perspective during you week? Please share with us and spread a little joy!

Until we meet again, yours in hope,  healing, and happiness,

On Saying Goodbye




p.s. When the title of this post came to me, I heard my mother’s voice from many years ago saying to my teenage self, “Don’t get fresh with me, Missy.” Amazing how a few years can change our perspective, because that memory brought a smile today, versus that universally disgruntled eye-rolling… 🙂

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  1. I hate the pink eye. We had it go through our house a couple of times a few years back…and I hope never to get it again. The lilacs are lovely. Our lilies have gone crazy this year – I can’t wait for them to bloom. And we just planted a whole ton of blooms tonight. Gardening makes my heart bloom.

  2. I LOVE lilies! What kind do you have? Spring is so refreshing and uplifting, but I think especially so after such a brutal winter! Big Guy and I were driving to an event today and we both kept marveling at the green pastures brimming with fresh crops!

    Your gardening makes me think that you sowed future seeds of happiness and smiles!

    The more I get to know you, the more excited I become about meeting you IRL one day! 🙂

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