Phil (Punxsutawney) Might Not be a Fraud After All

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

And so, so dreadful…

Someone who rarely ever naps, I’ve taken a mid-day snooze nearly every day since daylight savings took effect.

Between the new work assignment, which has me up a God-awful fifteen minutes earlier than ever, the pitch black hour I leave in the morning, and the wintry March weather that has returned, I feel as if I could just hunker down until, say…May?

Yesterday I even thought about hitting a tanning bed (something I do less frequently than I snooze in the middle of the day,) just to absorb some more light and warmth into my system.

Unfortunately, due to the catnap that lagged on more than an hour, I never made it to that sunny spot.

We Northeasterners have had our fill of the fluffy white stuff and the bitter breezes that leave us bundled from head to toe.

Even one of my happy-go-lucky students griped today when the winds kicked up and flakes began flying at school’s release.

For the third straight day.

“I can’t believe it’s snowing, again,” he almost shouted, “I’m soooo tired of winter!”

My sentiments, exactly, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this cartoon about thirty minutes before the end of the day.
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The high-schoolers laughed when I told them about it. It even brought a smile to the grumbler’s face.
And then I came home to find this headline: Why does spring begin a day earlier this year?
Well blow me down with good news!
Winter is the second shortest season, longer to autumn by a mere fraction.
And according to the article, the cold months are growing shorter!
Winter: 88.99 days
Spring: 92.76 days
Summer: 93.65 days
Autumn: 89.84 days
As you can see, the warm seasons, spring and summer, combined are 7.573 days longer than the colder seasons, fall and winter (good news for warm weather admirers).
We can do this, ya’ll! Make it through this last burst of winter’s grip.
And what’s in store for us?
An even longer spring and summer!
This good news spurred me into action. Instead of hitting the couch, I hit the pavement and tackled another leg of my 5k training.
Today’s gains?
Despite Father Winter breathing cold blasts into our faces, me and my fellow runner jogged a record two-point-three miles and finished off the session by walking another one-and-a-half miles!
How about you? How do the darker days affect you? How do you make it through the winter doldrums?

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