All Shook Up

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Proverbial Shit has been knocking on my door this week, Journeyer. Nagging nuisances that just sort of make us feel icky and ornery and rundown. Three words to kick it off: Snow. SNOW! (EVER-LOVIN’-F-IN’) SNOW!! This is on the hood of Warren’s truck! And leaving for work in more subzero temperatures that dipped to MINUS TWENTY! What’s all this nonsense … Read More

Designs, Destinations, Devices, and Delight

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 We’re on the road, again. (queue music…) Our family minus one…soon to be minus two, once more… Beauty returns to college today. Big Guy has a soccer game two hours from home, a quick jaunt compared to our usual destinations. And as luck would have it, the field is on the way to the college, nearly half the five-hour … Read More

Phil (Punxsutawney) Might Not be a Fraud After All

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful… And so, so dreadful… Someone who rarely ever naps, I’ve taken a mid-day snooze nearly every day since daylight savings took effect. Between the new work assignment, which has me up a God-awful fifteen minutes earlier than ever, the pitch black hour I leave in the morning, and the wintry March weather that has … Read More

Fun Wintry Frosting

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I love the beauty of a fresh snowfall, especially the kind that stays on the ground for a while, the kind where you can still see white after the soot and salt trucks have turned the roads an icky gray. This week has produced several squalls and significant accumulation. On vacation, I have watched the magnificence unfold from my warm … Read More