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We’re on the road, again.

(queue music…)

Our family minus one…soon to be minus two, once more…

Beauty returns to college today.

Big Guy has a soccer game two hours from home, a quick jaunt compared to our usual destinations.

And as luck would have it, the field is on the way to the college, nearly half the five-hour distance from our home.

Last weekend we made the long trek to Tennessee.

One of Fave’s competitions was being held on Virginia’s border.

My dad and stepmom joined us from their southern locale.

Two days of driving in four days, but it was well worth the time and energy.

Speaking of energy, when my children were little, I wrote (what little bit of it I did) at the end of my work day.

Not the closing of my day job, but rather the one that came after my little ones were tucked into neatly into bed, dreaming their own tales.

Once they became teenagers, my writing waned as I didn’t have the oomph to outlast their late night stamina.

But thanks to modern technology, I’m now able to take my show on the road.

I spent yesterday at a track meet, then helping Warren with a job he’s behind on.

As I settled down onto the sofa at nine o’clock last night, all I wanted to do was sit and eat dinner.

Mindless activity was all I could muster.

As I thought about today’s post, the one I hadn’t yet prepared, delight quickly replaced discouragement.

A smile crossed my face.

With a little design and twenty-first century devices at my disposal, I needn’t worry my pretty little heard.

I had a full day ahead of me and everything I needed to get the job done.

My trusty ThinkPad.
 A smartphone equipped with a remarkable camera, and the My Verizon app that turns my little iphone into a powerful wi-fi hotspot.

A handy dandy AC adapter to power said electronics.

And Warren. After years of me doing most of the driving, he now jumps behind the wheel so I can write.

My computer was also a welcome distraction from the s@!# that swirled outside.

(Can you believe it’s STILL snowing?!)

But, hey, that white stuff gave me opportunity to play around with a few more cool and fun shots.

Sun blazing it’s way through the couds!

On a couch or on the road…happy can happen anywhere and at any time…
What about you? What Moments of delight made you smile this week? Share your insights here and warm someone else’s day!

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