Fun Wintry Frosting

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I love the beauty of a fresh snowfall, especially the kind that stays on the ground for a while, the kind where you can still see white after the soot and salt trucks have turned the roads an icky gray.

This week has produced several squalls and significant accumulation.

On vacation, I have watched the magnificence unfold from my warm and cozy corner of the world.
Looking down our road during a recent snowstorm
Ornament on my front porch
One of the plants I didn’t cut back in the fall
Birdhouse that hangs outside my office window in the spring and summer
When nighttime blankets the outer landscape, the spectacular show comes inside as the icicles on our tree twinkle and glow in the lights of the season.
And rising above all these other joyful moments, this takes the cake.

My favorite dessert.

Carrot cake.

Not just any carrot cake, though.

A handcrafted confection I grew up with.

One made from the finest ingredients:  my mother’s hands and the type of love that only a mom can give.


I can just hear Frosty shouting out: “Ha-ppy bir-thday!”
To me!!
What about you? What Happy Happens Moments caught your attention this week? Share your story here and brighten someone else’s day!

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