Special Announcement and one Question: Do You Ever Feel Alone?

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Dear Journeyer, Do you ever feel conflicted when someone says to you, “You are not alone?” Does that expression sometimes feel contradictory? Do you ever wonder why you feel alone when there are so many people around? 5 Reasons You Feel Alone and How to Change That is for you! These are questions and experiences I felt after my son … Read More

A Wringer of a Week

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Happy Sunday-Monday, Journeyer! Well what can I say but it’s been another interesting week, with a few dilemmas that left me feeling like I was put through the proverbial wringer… You know those expressions…”When it rains it pours…” And so it continues… Warren and I spent several evenings correcting errors in our year-end tax documents… I’ve been fighting off some kind … Read More

Messages from the Universe

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It’s been a crazy, yet exhilarating week, Journeyer. I’ve been trying to keep up on the anthology submissions for the Grief Diaries Anthology Series, working with my web designer on a few changes and incorporating my beautiful little logo into the site! And I’ve been working on pulling together all of the materials for my upcoming workshop at the North … Read More

The Hot & Cold of It

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Happy Monday, Journeyer! As is the way with back-to-school, last week seems like a whirlwind gone by. Extra work hours trying to organize student seat assignments, assemble student rosters and pour over the data to become as familiar with the new names and faces as quickly as possible… Toss in a few counseling appointments and several writing prompts to add … Read More

Taking Shape

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Happy Tuesday, Journeyer! I hope you had a nice holiday weekend with family and friends! I started out my week with a lunch date with Beauty. She’s twenty-one and has been doing what healthy teenagers and young adults need to do…finding herself. It’s odd how all too often the finding of oneself includes the pushing away of those that love … Read More

Healing and the Two Sides of Divine Design

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Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. ~Buddha I’ve been experiencing what many call a Spiritual Awakening. It’s a bit like coming into puberty…I’ve been noticing things like Angel Numbers, a higher self that seems to be guiding me and my work on healing, an awareness of spirit guides and angels, and … Read More