Wrapping Up and Resetting

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

As I typed those words, I thought about how some of us might not consider Sunday a happy day.

As I do when I have thoughts like that, I asked myself why?

The first thing that came to my mind was a co-worker’s reply to my greeting last Monday.

“Good morning, did you have a nice weekend?”

“No,” came the curt reply.

“Oh, dear,” I replied, “did something happen?”

“No, it was just too short.”

Besides a sunrise I imagine was glorious, that exchange likely created my first happy moment of the week: I was filled with gratitude for the appreciation I have for every block of time I can commit to doing things I want to do with my family, my friends, The Five Facets work, or to simply have those extra non-working hours to catch up with whatever I feel needs attention (including the occasional pampering.)

On Tuesday I taught the second class of the workshop Live Your Best Life: Let Go of Conflict & Grief. Even though I am the teacher, I am learning from the participants, as well.

I think often about Maya Angelou’s wise words:

“When you get, give; when you learn, teach; at our best we are all teachers.”

I have received so many gifts throughout my travels in this life.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]I can only hope my foot has somehow found a space inside Maya Angelou’s shoe and that I am walking along that path she so eloquently trod.[/Tweet]

I am honored to be a small part in the healing journeys of those who are including The Five Facets Philosophy as a resource in their healing journeys.

In this last class we talked briefly about the Choose Vitality step. People often ask me how to do that…choose vitality. What does that mean or what does that look like they want to know.

Journeyer, this weekly column is one of the ways I choose vitality.

You see, many years ago I realized just how susceptible I am to all of the negative chatter and clamor in this world, just how easy it is for me to become enmeshed in it.

The moment I became fully away, internalized, that happiness is a choice, not a destination, I decided to spend some time each week dedicated to noticing and reflecting on those simple moments that bring a smile to my face, peace to my heart, or put a bounce in my step.

Well into its fourth year, this column is a way for me to not only stay connected with the positive in my life, it is also a way for me to stay connected with writing while I still have to rely on other work to pays the bills and provide insurance for my family.

There have been a few times of recent where I’ve feared that some could view this column as self-indulgent. Then I realized that not only am I doing what I need for myself, I am also modeling it for others.

Happiness, like healing, is a choice.

One of the things I’ve been working on this week is maintaining some sense of balance between the worst start to my recent Mother’s Day and one of the best gifts I could have ever received to round out the day.

Aside from teaching and learning and paying attention to nature, I’ve also spent time wrapping up some small projects that have been hanging around my head like a cloud.

I was home sick with a pounding headache Wednesday; it finally broke around lunch time when Warren suggested I take his over-the-counter migraine medication instead of the mild pain reliever I usually use. Since it was too late to go back to work, I used the time to tick a few items off that to-do list.

One of the activities I’d planned for that day was to celebrate Gavin’s birthday. Twenty-six, Journeyer! I couldn’t have been happier that I could go out to dinner with Warren, pick up a few balloons and spring decorations, and go to visit my boy’s grave in physical comfort.

I spent a good share of last week in a fog or grouchy or not feeling well. I figured it was the Mother’s Day stress lingering, but honestly I think it was a combination of it all, including the simple truth that I was tapped into my sadness this year.

It’s strange how we can be sad and celebrate at the same time! It wasn’t lost on me how this workshop once again fell around his birth and death date. This work is, in large part, in honor of my boy. In the wake of his death I found healing, Journeyer. That realization is sparks some powerful happiness.

On Gavin’s birthday I also received a most special and thoughtful gift from my sister; a locket that came with a tree of life plate and birth stones. I really needed that act of empathy and love.

Tree of Life Locket from Sis to celebrate Gavin's 26th Birthday in Heaven

On the way to collect Big Guy from college on Thursday night, we stopped to help a young girl whose car had broken down. Turns out she is the grown-up daughter of someone who lives a couple of miles down the road. Her grandpa is in the hospital, the car was shaking and doing some strange things, and car after car drove past her without stopping to see if this weeping girl needed help.

Seeing the relief on her face and the smile of recognition when we realized our association also fed my happy, Journeyer.

Yesterday we helped Beauty with a fundraiser she’s been working on, one that will help her participate in a veterinary program abroad. I hope that some day she and I are able to have a similar sort of reconciliation to that Fave and I have had.

I am only one side of that equation, but I will continue to do my part. I will continue to love her for her beautiful spirit, her kindness, her grace…and I will continue to love myself enough to remember that I deserve to be treated in loving ways.

Choosing growth and healing and love makes me happy.

What about you, Journeyer? What moments(s) helped you wrap up something that had previously brought you discomfort or delightful events wrapped up your week with joy? Was there something you did that helped you to reset and recharge yourself?

We love your stories for happiness is contagious. Please help spread happiness by sharing something in a comment below.

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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  1. Happiness is contagious. Indeed. Thanks for spreading it around Annah. You are like sunshine.

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