Webs of Joy

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“Why don’t we ever decorate for Halloween?”

That question by my youngest, nearly five years ago, was the beginning of an annual October party.

It spawned a collection of ghoulish decorations and home accent pieces that include a life-sized Sleeping Beauty witch, her outstretched hand offering visitors a shiny red apple…

Yesterday, as I drove home from work, the Halloween decorations were the first objects to catch my attention. Plastic signage, lighted decorations, and pumpkins filled the tiny porch of this run-down urban home.

But it was the teenager—standing on a wooden chair—that elicited today’s smile.

Where many teens could care less about decorating for the holidays, much less take on the project alone, this young lad appeared to be stringing faux cobwebs between the two side posts.

And by the flailing of his one arm, he’d apparently become entangled in the sticky material…

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