Ask Annah: How Do You Inspire Your Children to Do Their Chores?

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“Encourage and support your kids because children are apt to live up to what you believe of them.” ~ Lady Bird Johnson, Former First Lady Like yours, our family always had something happening. School and school functions to meet those academic, social, and physical facet needs. Recreational sports and leisure activities to nurture those physical, social, spiritual, and emotional needs. … Read More

Winter’s Playground

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In the midst of an emotionally gut-wrenching, grueling week, these are but a few of the Moments that made me smile. His hat is a giant 50-gallon trashcan! I could just imagine the family’s fun building this guy!     I love how the snow seems to cuddle the tree and the lights cast a warm glow across the pair. … Read More

Children Face Life’s Irony, Paradox, and Tragedy

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I am the type of person who ranks honesty as one of my top values. I’m the type of person who doesn’t pussyfoot around any subject, even those like vaginas, penes, and death. I’ve tried to parent the same way, being open, honest, and answering my children’s questions as age-appropriately as I could. I’ve been direct in letting them know … Read More

Great Balls of Fun!

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Happy happens in the pharmacy I was rushing through the drugstore when this tower caught my eye. I had an image of children tossing and catching these giant bouncy balls on a beach. And a smile crossed my face. In my usual rush, I hurried past and on out to the car, where I paused. Those balls gave me a moment of … Read More

Taking Stock of Bullying, It’s Much More Than a Facebook Issue

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At the beginning of the school year, the students at our local high school spent a week of assemblies, presentations, and discussions, all on bullying. The hallways are plastered with pledge signs and anti-bullying campaign pieces. Earlier this year, my daughter was involved in a situation where classmates were talking poorly about her on Facebook because she had unfriended them. … Read More

The High Road

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I knew some people would be unhappy when I resigned as co-chair from our school’s Project Graduation committee. After all, I was the lead person keeping it all together, and my leaving would mean more work for remaining members. I knew a few of them would grumble amongst themselves, and talk about me in a poor light. I didn’t begrudge … Read More

Stepping Down, While Standing Up for My Beliefs

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I’ve never considered myself a quitter. Much to the contrary, I’ve always viewed myself as someone who is full of moxie and tenacity, one who “sticks it out to the bitter end.” But two weeks ago I not only walked away from endeavors that have my sweat stamped into them, I resigned my position as the group’s leader. The decision … Read More

Webs of Joy

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“Why don’t we ever decorate for Halloween?” That question by my youngest, nearly five years ago, was the beginning of an annual October party. It spawned a collection of ghoulish decorations and home accent pieces that include a life-sized Sleeping Beauty witch, her outstretched hand offering visitors a shiny red apple… Yesterday, as I drove home from work, the Halloween … Read More

Minding Weeds

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This summer’s northeast weather has been ideal for weed growth. A wet spring followed by a record-setting heat wave. Thankfully, I only have a couple of areas I plant, and those are filled with low-maintenance, perennials. Who has time to toil in a garden, when they are working, raising a family, tending a house, and running a business? Certainly not … Read More

Summer Warmth

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I climbed out of bed at eight this morning and headed straight for the kitchen. Four hours later, I had finally finished cleaning up after preparing several gallons of bottled lemonade, tea, and water; making two pounds of macaroni salad; two dozen deviled eggs; cutting up an enormous, juicy watermelon; assembling paper products, condiments, table coverings; and gathering an assortment … Read More